Frequently Asked Questions About A Foreign Affair’s Singles Tours

If you’re like me (a.k.a. single, shy, and ready to settle) then modern dating might surprise you. Gone are the good old days when there’s a structured courting system in place; you don’t show up at the girl’s house wearing a fancy suit and bringing a bouquet of flowers anymore. Instead, what you get is something akin to ancient gladiatorial combat. “Gentlemen” jostle for dominance using subtle manipulation techniques to enamor their naïve targets, while “ladies” aren’t above using sex as a means of deviously securing a man’s money, time, energy, and commitment. The process has devolved into primal, animalistic behavior that would make any half-decent person feel jaded.

So, is perpetual singlehood the only way out? Not!! The good news is that there are still plenty of conservative women out there who want to marry and have children with the man of their dreams. It’s not the availability that’s the problem, but the venue. Bars and clubs cannot provide the kind of quality spouse that you’re looking for, and in the rare chance that a beautiful lady might wander into these premises, you’ll have a tough time finding her amongst the sea of knaves and vixens.

Thankfully, someone managed to find a solution to this problem:’s or A Foreign Affair’s Singles Tours.


A Social in Odessa

What the heck is a romance tour?

An AFA Singles Tour is typically a weeklong vacation geared towards meeting a potential bride. The goal of the whole trip is to find yourself a wife so that you won’t be aimlessly sunning yourself on some beach ordering margaritas. This does not mean that there won’t be any fun activities, but they’re targeted explicitly at maximizing your chances of landing a long-term mate.
Is Loveme trustworthy?

The company who owns is called A Foreign Affair, and they pioneered the international dating scene way back in 1995 when the world wide web was still in its infancy. I suppose you can get a glimpse of their old-school ways by taking a look at the loveme website, which pretty much contains the typical text-based, no-frills user interface that you’d expect from two decades ago. Even though their domain might need a makeover, their service remains up-to-date. A Foreign Affair has been hosting singles tours for over 20 years now, so you’ll be hard-pressed to find a competitor that can exceed their level of preparation and experience. They’ve been featured in top magazines and media such as Maxim and NBC. True-to-life success stories and plenty of wedding photos litter their testimonial boards, and to top it off, each of the founders, and many of their employees have personally tested their romance tours to meet and marry foreign brides.

In summary, yes, they can be trusted as much as any well-established business.

Where are these Singles Tours held?

The A Foreign Affair destinations include the Ukrainian provinces of Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Odessa, Krivoy Rog, Zaporozhye, Poltava, Kherson, Sumy, Nikolaev. Latin tour cities include Cartagena, Barranquilla, Medellin, Peru, and Costa-Rica (Including a special trip to the annual Miss Colombia Beauty Pageant). The Asian stops include Bankok, Thailand, Cebu and Davao, Philippines, Shenzhen, and Chongqing in China.

How do these countries (and their women) differ from the United States?

Odessa romance tour social

Dozens of Ukrainian Girls Mingling

Ukraine Singles Tours

Ukraine is a vast country that used to be part of the Soviet Union. Although it’s not exactly considered a financial or cultural powerhouse, it still boasts many famous attractions not seen in the west, primarily the prevalence of Orthodox churches, including the gold-domed St. Sophia’s Cathedral. Because of the prevalence of Christianity, traditional values are the norm: women and men still have defined gender roles, the family structure remains nuclear, and grandparents often take care of the grandchildren while their parents work.

Ukrainian women at a singles tour social

Three beautiful Ukrainian Ladies

As far as the ladies are concerned, many come from mixed-blood marriages, which means that there is a lot of genetic variation. The vast majority, however, are fair-skinned with sharp facial features, usually of above-average height with a slim frame. These physical qualities are highly attractive by themselves, but it’s the disposition that makes the difference. Because conservatism is the dominant lifestyle, most Ukrainian women are family-oriented and embrace the feminine ideal. They are not prone to vulgar displays and will always try their best to look attractively dignified. Expect someone easy to get along with who will stick with you and raise your kids in a warm and loving environment. On the flip side, they will also require you to have traditional masculine traits, so if you’re the kind of man who readily defers authority, is unable to stand up against conflict and pressure, or is a stay-at-home dad who prefers that his wife brings home the bacon, then better look someplace else.

Latin American tours

Colombian Ladies at a Medellin Social

The Latin tour is centered on three countries: Costa Rica, Peru, and Colombia. Costa Rica is renowned for its wildlife and biodiversity, including several endangered species of birds and monkeys, so jungle-lovers should find that this area has plenty to offer them. Peru is world-famous for its archaeological sites, has been the home of the former Incan empire; adventurous explorers who aren’t afraid to get a little bit dusty will find a welcome reprieve here. Finally, Colombia is distinguished by the prevalence of old-style colonial districts, houses, restaurants, and shops, as well as a thriving coffee industry. It is also the location of the annual Miss Colombia beauty pageant, a part of a special Romance Tour held only on November.

Because of their proximity to the United States, these Latin countries have similar societal norms. They are primarily liberal and are no strangers to sex, partying, and rock-and-roll. These attributes may be a boon to many American men because the cultural barriers are merely non-existent, so there will be a lot of mutual ground from the get-go. Latin America is also a beach and pageant-oriented part of the world, which means that the women place a high premium on beauty and will often try their best to look as stunning as possible, and the effects are noticeable: toned bodies, tanned skin, and voluptuous breasts. The women here are also incredibly assertive, so don’t expect a demure kitten to pander to your needs; she’ll speak her mind at the drop of a hat. Unlike Western women, however, Latin women still have strict maternal and feminine instincts, so they are very protective of their kids and their husbands. She is guaranteed to treat you like a king and will stand by you forever (as long as you don’t get on her wrong side).

Thai women singles tour

Funloving Thai Ladies

Asian Tours

Unlike Ukraine, Russia, and Latin America, the countries in Asia have remained mostly untouched by Western influence and inter-marriage. In this sense, they have the most distinguished women and culture that you will ever encounter. Thailand is the second-largest Buddhist hub in the world where you can find massive temples and shrines dedicated to its founder. The Philippines is a predominantly Catholic country with more than 7,000, pearl-white islands, perfect for sunbathing and snorkeling. Lastly, the Chinese cities of Shenzhen and Chongqing are major commercial and manufacturing districts, earning their titles as future megacities.

Tour Social in the Philippines

The quality of the women is where the Asian tours shine. While Ukraine has conservative women and Latin America has liberal women, they are mostly of European and American heritage, which means that their looks are relatively prevalent if you live in the United States. Asian women, however, are an entirely different breed. They are shorter than average, have flatter facial features, are bronze-skinned (Shenzhen and Chongqing) or chocolate-skinned (Thailand and the Philippines), and have unique mannerisms. Honorifics are commonplace, and the women usually adhere to collectivist social norms. This translates to a primary concern for society and not the individual; Asians will often sacrifice their happiness if it means the happiness of others. Unlike Latin women, Asian women will go out of their way to avoid a confrontation. They are usually just as traditional as Ukrainian women but are less independent and have an almost symbiotic bond with their extended family. Expect lots of interactions with in-laws, cousins, aunts, and uncles if you ever end up marrying one.

Despite these notable differences, there is no lack of beauty in Asia. In fact, they have an abundance of the most attractive women in the world, both inside and out. If you’re a guy looking for variety and have dreams of being part of a large, raucous clan, then you should try out this tour.

How long does a typical Singles Tour last?

One tour usually lasts seven days, which is more than enough time to get to know someone. If you’re the kind of guy who wants to take it slow, however, A Foreign Affair also offers much longer ten and fourteen-day excursions. These extended tours will cost more, but they also give you ample opportunities to connect and build rapport with the woman whom you want in your life.

Is the Singles Tour cheap?

Signing up for the AFA website itself is free. You can create your account and immediately start browsing the profiles of real-life women at no charge (although you can’t communicate with them until you become a member, which costs around $30 a month). As for the Singles Tours themselves, the price depends on the package and the city. Typical prices can range from $2,000 for the seven-day tour, $2,500 for the ten-day trip, and $3,000 for the fourteen-day tour. While not expensive, it’s not chump change either, so make sure that you first take a look at the nationality that you find most attractive before deciding which city is best for you.

Why the heck would I need to sign up for a Singles Tour when I can go out by myself?

Meeting women can be daunting, especially for a newbie. Planning the logistics of a typical night-out isn’t rocket science, but it’s not precisely kindergarten counting either. Lining up to get into an exclusive club requires social contacts, and making reservations to restaurants is often an expensive waste of time. A singles tour with A Foreign Affair outsources all the grueling legwork so that you can focus on the main reason for going out in the first place: talking to women.

Furthermore, these Singles Tours aren’t held in your backyard; you’ll be flying to foreign lands like Ukraine and the Philippines to meet attractive females from different races and cultures, and you’re unlikely to have any family and friends to assist you with the unfamiliar terrain, customs, and languages. You’re going to need all the help you can get, and that’s where A Foreign Affair shines.

How many women can I meet on a Tour?

Ukraine Tour Social

Ukraine Tour Social

The official video promotion for A Foreign Affair claims that you can meet more women in seven days than you can in seven years. This is hard to verify, and it’s probably not true if you’re the kind of guy who frequently goes out to parties and social gatherings. It’s not a stretch, however, for those of you who don’t have an active social life. There is a ratio of about seven women per one man on these tours, so even if the claim is doubtful, you’ll be meeting much more than an average night out on the club.

How does this process work?

If you’re someone who lives outside of the tour’s host city, then A Foreign Affair will help you file the necessary paperwork, if any. It’s not that hard to accomplish, and most of the legwork will be done by them. will also provide you with a fiancée visa kit, which contains all the forms and advice you’ll need just in case you want to marry someone from the tours and bring them back to your home country. This service is handled by Immigration Attorney Laurie Wu, a licensed lawyer, and marriage specialist in the State Bar of New Jersey.

Private question and answer sessions will also be entertained if you have any unique circumstances that may need to be discussed. Not only will you have the necessary visa assistance, but A Foreign Affair will give you a comprehensive tour checklist and weekly follow-up emails to make sure that you have everything in order before the day of your departure. They act pretty much like a tourist agency at this stage, so there’s a lot of hand-holding all the way, and that’s always good, especially if you’re a beginner like I was the first time I went.

What will I do once I arrive?

Once you’ve completed any applicable paperwork, A Foreign Affair will remind you of your trip itinerary before you leave, and once you arrive at the tour city, their staff will meet you at the airport, then take you to the hotel so that you can get checked in.

What kind of transportation is available?

It’s not precisely Cinderella’s pumpkin, but a private coach will accompany you to and from every event so that you can conserve your energy for the interactions. You’ll be traveling together with your fellow love seekers, so it’s also an excellent time to build some male connections while you’re waiting for the tour bus to take you to the promised land.

Where will I live?

Relax. You don’t have to rent a cheap roach motel in the middle of nowhere. The Singles Tour package includes lodging accommodations. All of the hotels are internationally rated at least three stars, and they are usually located close to the city center so that going back and forth between destinations won’t take too much of your time. Typical amenities such as hot and cold water, standard European modeled bedrooms, Internet access, and room service are available. You will NOT be sharing with any other person, so don’t worry about getting stuck with awful roommates; everything is single occupancy, although you’ll naturally be allowed to visit anyone that you may have gotten comfortable with during your trip with their permission.

Is food included in the tour package?

Yes. There is a daily hotel breakfast buffet that you can gorge on. Lunch and dinner will vary according to the itinerary, but usually involves champagne, soft drinks, and other typical dishes that you’ll find in most restaurants. You won’t starve to death, and unlike other companies, you’ll never be required to buy your meals. Of course, this isn’t a taste-testing vacation, so the free food should only be there to keep you healthy and happy while you chat with the ladies. If you want to order something more exotic to the palate, then you’ll have to do that on your dime.

When does the fun begin?

Colombian Ladies at a Social

Once you’ve checked into your hotel and gotten some rest, the main event of the tour starts. Loveme calls these “socials”, which is just a giant meetup of all the men and women involved in that tour. These socials are often held in large ballrooms and entertainment complexes with more than enough space and facilities to accommodate hundreds of people. They are also invitation-only venues, so there will be no unexpected gate crashers.

The good thing about socials is that all the people there – men and women – are underneath the AFA banner and are looking for long-term relationships with the potential for marriage. No one is there for a one-night stand, so don’t bother trying to “score” and don’t be afraid of being taken advantage. In fact, you will be given a list of attendees along with their profiles before the social, so you can start the screening process hours before the actual event begins. Once there, you don’t have to waste time talking to everyone and immediately zero in on your ideal partner.

One thing that I particularly enjoy the socials is the relaxed nature of the event. Masks can slide surprisingly quickly, so you can get to know people more intimately than you would at a random bar back at home. Light music is always playing on the speakers, there are ample food and beverages provided, and the place is well-lighted and air-conditioned to set the mood. As mentioned above, the ratio of men to women is somewhere around 1 to 7, so the guys here have the definite advantage of demand.

Will I be left alone to swim with the sharks?

Maybe you’re the kind of guy who hasn’t left his mom’s basement in a hundred years. Or perhaps it’s been a while since you’ve been in the dating arena and would like a little assistance to get you started. Not to worry. The AFA Singles Tour has hospitality personnel (a service that is unique to A Foreign Affair) who acts as your wingman. He (or she) is bilingual and can facilitate language translations between you and your foreign lady. Other favors such as sending messages from your hotel room or initiating a private encounter can be expedited by this person.

They probably won’t shine your shoes, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

What kind of women will I meet on one of these vacations?

Every single woman on these tours is out to find a husband. Otherwise, why would they even bother to sign up for the trip? This is not a social gathering for casual sex and dating; it’s a meetup for those who want to settle down and maybe start a family. In this context, you won’t be meeting women looking for men to buy them drinks (the drinks are free, by the way); you’ll be meeting women who are pleasantly dressed and mildly nervous. Since the ratio is about seven women to every man, the girls usually are more assertive than the guys, which is a significant benefit for those of you who are on the quiet side and would rather sit back and let the females find them.

This is not a guarantee that you’ll find the right woman immediately, but it does guarantee that you won’t be dealing with shady witches. also vets the women applying for the trip to ensure that they’re not faking their identities, so this is an added form of security for guys who want more assurance that they won’t get screwed.

Furthermore, because of the massive imbalance between men and women, only women who have been pre-selected will be invited. You will join in the preselection process while still in the hotel room so that the women you will meet are already those who you or some other guy have shared an interest. It’s highly probable that the women you’ll find in one social will differ from the women you’ll see in the next because the preselection process will vary with each event.

In this way, variety and consistency can be achieved in the same trip.

What is a women’s catalog?

A women’s catalog is a compiled dossier (complete profile and color photos) of all the female members of Loveme that reside in the particular city of your Singles Tour. This catalog will be given to you in your hotel, and you can look through it as much as you like. Some of the women on the list are not found on the website, so you have more options to choose from than you would when browsing online.

If you’ve found someone who you’re particularly enamored with, then you can contact your hospitality personnel or any of the staff to invite the woman over to the social, or even to initiate a private encounter with them.

Can I meet women outside the website on the trip?

Yes. You are allowed to go out with women who are not affiliated with A Foreign Affair. In fact, the hospitality personnel will often help you out with making reservations or other local trips not associated with the primary itinerary, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the rules.

Additionally, women who have only begun to sign up with A Foreign Affair but have not yet been seen in the main website will also be invited on socials, so you’ll have a lot more options than you think.

What will I do if I meet a woman whom I like?

If you connected well with a particular lady and would like to take the relationship outside the social, then you are free to do so. It would be a good idea to tell the hospitality personnel, however, so that they can set up the special date for you and make the appropriate reservations. Of course, you are also allowed to be adventurous and wing it on your own. There are a variety of restaurants, theaters, and parks in the host cities, and any one of these is ideal for a date. One of my favorite ways to get to know a woman is to have her take you on a guided tour of her city. This will surely enable the two of you to connect more and share both of your heritage.

What if I don’t find anyone whom I like?

There are hundreds of women in these social gatherings, so if you don’t like a particular person, then you can always politely excuse yourself and move on to someone else. It’s still a good idea to mentally prepare for the event. Keep a list of things that you’re looking for in a partner so that you don’t have to waste time making connections with women whom you have no plans of marrying; a lot of guys forget that their primary objective for joining the Singles Tour is to find a compatible mate. Don’t get bogged down with unnecessary minutia and focus on the big picture. Talk to a lot of people as much as possible during the social and then zero in on the girl whom you like. It’s incredibly improbable that you won’t find anyone whom you’d at least consider dating. It’s just a matter of focus.

You will NEVER be forced to talk or interact with any woman, so don’t worry too much about being stuck in an awkward situation.

What about language barriers?

There will be private interpreters who can speak multiple languages (often English and the native vernacular of the host city) provided at all times. A meet-and-greet will happen at the hotel, and you can select one who can be your translator throughout the tour. The company encourages you to mix it up with interpreters, however, so that you can have a more objective view.

In the end, a linguist might not even be necessary since the majority of the women involved in these socials speak conversational English, but it’s good to know that you have one at the ready.

Are socials the only activity provided?

While the socials are the main event, also provides guided tours for those of you who might be itching for a little variety. These include the typical sightseeing excursions, but you can also make special arrangements for theater, opera, ballet, or circus tickets. You can bring one or more of the women along. Since this isn’t a school field trip, you are allowed to break away from the group at any time and strike it out on your own. If you can get your woman to show you around the city herself, that would be even better.

Socials and guided tours are equally distributed so that you won’t get burned out from fatigue or jet lag (for example, if a social will happen on Monday, then the guided tour will take place on Tuesday).

Can I stay in the city even after the Singles Tour is finished?

It’s not uncommon to have so much fun that you end up postponing your return back to your home country. If you want to extend your trip, the hospitality personnel will help you with whatever reservations or rebook that you need. You won’t be getting free accommodations or food anymore, so you’ll have to take care of this on your own. The good news is that you can still ask A Foreign Affair’s onsite staff for any advice on problems that you may have without charge. Their hospitality extends even outside the tour package.

What happens when I get back home?

Any issues such as fiancée visas and relationship concerns can be discussed with the hospitality personnel, so if you’ve met someone whom you’d like to continue talking to or even marry, then they’d be more than willing to help you come up with the right solution.

You’ll also have a $300 discount on any future AFA Singles Tours that you want to be a part of, just in case you didn’t meet that special someone on this particular tour.

Is there anything else that I should know?

This article is meant to give you the big picture for the Singles Tour, but if you have any specific queries, then you can visit the A Foreign Affair website at They have a live telephone discussion group where you can join fellow love seekers and the owner of the site for more personal questions. You can also order a free DVD which will give you more information as well as actual footage from past tours.


There you have it. It’s worth it to take the Singles Tour if you have the money and the drive to find a lifelong partner. Most men are now casting their gazes overseas, so if you’re convinced that your soulmate is located in a faraway country, then you’ll need someone who can ease the process of finding her.

Speaking from experience, A Foreign Affair is the only company qualified for the job.