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True ( is one of the world’s biggest online dating sites. Here are reviews of – Online dating site. With thousands of members, you’re sure to find a few that turn your head! True is committed to its users’ safety – it even conducts background checks to ensure members are not criminals or married.

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How it Works

Joining is fun because as you proceed, True lets you know how it’s doing matching its online personals to your preferences. Absolutely will not date a brunette? True will cross them off the list for you! You can rate your preferences from “absolutely required” to “not at all important,” so if you’d prefer a blond but it’s not necessary as long as she speaks French, True adds that into its compatibility formulas.

Once you join, it’s best to complete True’s compatibility tests, which match you with other members based on basics (like age and lifestyle), interests, personality, communication chemistry, romance, commitment level, and even sex styles. It takes some time, but it makes it a snap to spot the online personals that are most likely to pique your interest.

The site also offers guides and tips on online dating like a pro, including safety advice. There isn’t a lot of extra content, like online user-content or games, but it’s a testament to True’s quality: its matchmaking services sell
themselves, and it doesn’t need a lot of fluff to keep you coming back for more.

As per site review, Safety is foremost on the mind of True. Be warned if you’re married or a criminal – True will find out, cancel your membership, and seek payment for damages.


  • True’s superior matchmaking ability comes with aheftier price tag: it’s
  • $49.99 for one month, and
  • $79.99 for three months (one month free), and
  • $129.99 for six months (over four months free).
  • The site does come with a 3-day free trial as long as you provide a credit card number. Yes, it’s more
    expensive than many other online dating sites, but 10 minutes at True will convince you why: it’s just better.


  • High-tech matchmaking technology that narrows your search from millions to just a few. Be as picky as you’d like – True does the work!
  • Privacy certified – True won’t share or sell your information
  • Safety first – True boasts its commitment to prosecuting criminals who try to join their site (which is against their tough safety policy)


  • It’s a bit pricey, but isn’t it worth it to have such a huge selection?
  • You may find the tests a bit tedious, but they’re optional and all designed to find your perfect mate


Final Thoughts

It’s definitely refreshing to see a site with the members’ best interests at heart. True’s matchmaking technology is one of the best in the business, and its safety rules and privacy policies are second to none. If you’re serious about finding romance – whether it’s a fling or long-term love – True will not disappoint.