Seeking Arrangement Review

There’s a dating site for everyone nowadays, but there are some people who still don’t know about sugar baby websites where young and eager singles (male and female) go to find sugar daddies or sugar mommies who would be willing to enter a mutually beneficial relationship with them. A particular website, Seeking Arrangement, is openly declaring that there is a place on the web for sugar daddies/mommies and sugar babies to meet.

But first, let’s define some terms. A sugar baby is an attractive and fun-loving single who is looking for an older, rich and generous sugar daddy or mommy, who in turn provides for the sugar baby’s financial needs in exchange for companionship. The sugar daddy or mommy gets a hot and attractive date to bring along in luxurious vacations and dates, while the sugar baby can expect a caring, worldly, and generous companion who will help out with allowance or tuition.

Although the financial side of things is “understood”, the connection and the basics of relationship-building that goes with it are not as simple. Sugar babies and sugar daddies can turn out to be soulmates who can understand the other’s wants and needs, and are out to enjoy life together.

Think May-December affairs and large age gap relationships. Seeking Arrangement is a website that makes an affair like this possible. And, it’s not the only one. You will find other places on the web that offer the same thing. But Seeking Arrangement is one of the sites that have the best features and the best security.

Here are the things we love about Seeking Arrangement:

Seeking arrangement is free to join, and anyone in the world can sign up for a free membership. That the site is open internationally makes sense. After all, if a sugar daddy or mommy wants to go on a trip overseas, there is surely a sugar baby who can connect with him and her. There’s nothing like being shown around a foreign country by an attractive and charming local.

This is a popular site, so you can expect many sugar babies around looking for companions. If you are a sugar daddy or sugar mommy, you can simply set up your account, verify your profile and wait for the emails to come. Using the search function, you can take the initiative and browse some profile just to see who is available and looking. There are some truly beautiful singles on the site, and the good news is most members have completed profiles. The site reveals that the ratio of sugar babies to sugar daddies is one:ten, which means a sugar daddy or mommy can expect to find a huge pool of potential sugar babes to date.

Speaking of the search function, it is the best. You can search based on location, age, body type and income. By using this function, you can pre-qualify who you want to speak to. Your choices will also be recorded and soon, you just have to go back to your old searches to check out the ones that you missed during your first search.

There are some prompts on the site that encourage users to pay for a premium membership to access the site’s premium features. The premium membership fee is relatively cheap: $30 for 30 days, $60 for 90 days, or $90 for 180 days. There are no recurring fees as the site does not automatically renew memberships.

The process is simple enough. Just sign up and provide the necessary information, specifically on your ethnicity, income bracket, location, languages spoken and age. After activation is complete, you can browse and try out some features as a free member and upgrade only when you have found a sugar baby or sugar daddy to connect with. Seeking Arrangement accepts all major credit cards, such as Visa, Master Card, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, and Carte Blanche.

If you are a serious sugar daddy, you may want to try their strict verification. This way, potential sugar babies are assured that you are who you are. You can be CRB checked for a small fee. Many sugar daddies and mommies have taken this option so that a little note saying that they are verified members will appear on their profiles.

The main difference between Seeking Arrangement and other generic dating sites out there is in the about page. In your profile, there’s a place where you can disclose how much financial assistance you can offer to a potential sugar baby. If you are on the site as a sugar baby, you will be asked how much financial assistance you need. Of course, you can put off answering this question until you’re comfortable on the site or with the idea of being “liked” because of the financial assistance you are willing to offer. Or, you can keep the value at “open for negotiation”.


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