FriendFinder ( is still a rapidly growing site, with thousands of members worldwide, despite the fact that this is one of the pioneers in the internet dating industry. That means there are more people to meet (and fall in love with) than you could possibly handle in a lifetime. It’s a fun website with lots of neat features that will keep you coming back for more.

Here’s what to expect from Friendfinder:

How it Works is free to join, but the differences between a free account and a paid account is vast in that you can’t really connect with anyone on any level unless you pay. With the no-cost Standard Account, your search capabilities are limited and you aren’t actually allowed to view most profiles. It can be pretty difficult for your curiosity to be
piqued, meaning you might be less inclined to pay. It is possible to get temporary Silver and Gold Account upgrades by
earning popularity points, but that can take quite a bit of effort.

That said, there’s still a ton of free content you can explore – their magazine, online chat, your own blog or chat room, etc. – to meet people. The whole “points” concept and the “kudos” tracker can be pretty addictive, too. The more you participate on the site, the more popular you become and the more points you win. The more popularity and points, the more fun stuff you can do.

FriendFinder also has an affiliates program and contests to entice you with cash and prizes. You can earn money by getting others to sign up and have a chance to win pretty amazing contests, like being the director of a Penthouse movie.

And if you decide to give the Silver or Gold Account a shot, you’ll love the unique content that you just can’t find elsewhere. Plus, you do get access to arguably the largest group of online people doing exactly what you’re doing: looking for friendship, excitement, and maybe even long-term love.


  • Standard Account (limited access): FREE
  • Silver Account (upgraded access): $8.33/month to $22.94/month
  • Gold Account (premium access): $7.77/month to $34.94/month – purchase 12 months and get an additional 6 months free


  • Cool features to show your style: host a blog or chat room, create your own “bling”, send virtual flowers, choose how you flirt (like a Facebook “poke,” only you can hug, kiss, smile,
    wave, or wink)
  • Get involved in FriendFinder’s online community: contribute to the magazine, chat with other online members, create your own friend network, compete to get the most “kudos” (the site’s very own popularity contest)
  • Super-customize your searches or use “Cupid Settings,” which allows you to describe your perfect man or woman – Cupid lets you know when he’s found your dream match!
  • Totally customize your profile by choosing colors, recording voice/video intros, posting personality test scores, and more


  • Brace yourself for sensory overload at first, but once you get the hang of everything you’ll be fine
  • There’s a lot of content and features on this site – such as decent-sized photos and profile details – that you can’t access without upgrading to a Silver or Gold Account.

Final Thoughts

FriendFinder takes online dating to the next level. Although the amount of features is pretty intense, it’s undoubtedly in a whole other category than the traditional online dating sites. It’s fun and relaxed, and can really help you connect with singles all over the world – maybe even in your hometown.