Review – Meet Eastern European and Ukrainian Single Women for Marriage

dating websites are all the rage nowadays, especially for men and women who want to start families and quit the game for good. It might seem counterintuitive, but the best way for most people with busy lives to interact with each other is right at home through their digital screens. Especially true for singles hoping to meet their partners abroad; taking a transatlantic flight every Saturday night isn’t feasible, so what better way to do it than to fire up the computer?

Then again, online dating has become so prevalent that there’s practically a new company popping up every week claiming to be the top dog at finding love. It can be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff, so in this article, we’ll be taking a look at in an objective and unbiased manner so that you’ll be able to decide whether or not it’s the right dating company for you.

Basic features of VictoriaHearts is relatively new in the arena, having been formally established in 2013, but the owners of the website possess over ten years of combined experience in this niche, so at least the management is competent enough to handle the necessities superbly. The company offers the standard features found in almost every dating site nowadays: profile creation, profile browsing, photo galleries, chat and messaging system, and the ability to send gifts to interested parties. They specialize mostly in Ukrainian women, so those of you who are into Eastern European ladies will find plenty of them once you register.

Specific features

There are, however, a few unique features that make a viable candidate for your time and money instead of the other generic clones:

Beauty contests – this may be one of the only websites to have this feature. During a set period, will have “beauty contests” that are the digital version of a pageant. The winners are displayed on the landing page of the website with links to their profiles. This is a relatively straightforward way of putting the hottest women on the roster at the top of the list. It benefits the women since more men will now be messaging them, but it is also a boon for the men because they now have a clear sense of the most attractive females in the group. Again, this feature is a bit odd but is something that many will appreciate.

Video profiles
– most online dating websites will only allow its members to post photos of themselves. This is hardly adequate, however, because a picture was taken at the right place and the right time can make a person look different than they usually do in real life (anyone who’s ever met an online partner in person can attest to this). There’s no way to hide from a video camera, though. With video profiles, you can see, hear, and observe the Ukrainian woman on the other end all at the same time, giving you a more objective basis to determine your attraction towards her than a mere image ever could.

Refined search tools – can narrow your choices down to specific body parts and personality quirks. For example, you can search for someone with blue eyes and blonde hair, which means that everyone else will is excluded. Other qualifying factors such as age, education, place of birth, and personality are included in the mix, allowing you to save time from having to wade through thousands of profiles to get to the woman who’s just right for you.

Transparent statistics – some men prefer to know in advance if the woman likes them before making the first move. If this is you, then has got you covered. Unlike other dating websites, you will know precisely who added you to their favorites list or pressed the “like” button. You will get an alert even if the woman merely viewed your profile. The transparency of their statistics is on another level.
Mobile version – tablet and smartphone users don’t have to be forced to sit behind a massive computer screen anymore; you can take your online dating with you by using the specially-tailored mobile app of VictoriaHearts, one of the surefire signals that this website is legit and is in it for the long haul.

Verification safety – the website’s administration will contact every woman on the roster to confirm their identity and location. Those who are legitimate will get a green check mark that says “validated” on the side of their profile, thus ensuring that no man will get scammed or fooled by Internet opportunists preying on the lonely.


There are two drawbacks to victoriahearts .com: unsolicited messages and lack of additional features.
As far as the former is concerned, you will get bombarded with several messages from random women the moment your profile goes live. This may sound like good news, but the majority of these letters are of the cut-and-paste variety meant to be vague enough so that it applies to everyone but enticing enough so that some men will assume that the lady is interested in them individually. They reek of a certain sense of desperation and should be avoided as a general rule even if the sender is particularly attractive.

The second negative thing about victoriahearts .com is that they could be doing a lot more. The dating market is now saturated, and all of the top companies are outcompeting each other by offering dozens of new features such as guided tours, visa applications, instant language translators, immigration lawyers, 24-hour support, and even prospective marriage counseling. It is not implied that victoriadates. com needs to have all of these implemented, but they are still a barebones dating website compared to the others in the business. The beauty contest that they offer is the unique thing going for them, but this is not enough to outshine the competition.

Of course, if you are looking for a barebones dating website without all the distracting bells and whistles, then this is an excellent place to start. It might even be an advantage since the population of users is relatively low. Hence there’s less rivalry among men. Others who want to have the kitchen sink and more might want to try their luck elsewhere as long as they’re prepared to elbow their way through the dense crowd.


Creating your profile and browsing others’ is free, but many activities that involve communicating with the women is priced. These include sending messages, live chatting, seeing private photos and videos, delivering presents, and exchanging contact details. All of these services are charged via virtual credits that you pay for with real money. Twenty credits are about $10.


Fees are Credit based with 20 Credits approx $10.

  • 20 credits = $9.99
  • Send 1st Letter = 10 credits
  • Each letter after 1st = 30 credits
  • Live chat = 2 credits/min.
  • View a lady’s video = 25 credits
  • View a lady’s video = 25 credits
  • Gifts and flowers = 300 – 500 credits

Since your resources are scarce, then you should limit your communication to people whom you want to consider a long-term relationship. Also, do not waste unnecessary money by sending short, useless messages like “Hi”; try to make every line count and express yourself to the fullest. If you keep this in mind, then what could be seen as an expensive endeavor might turn out to be the cheapest way to meet the girl of your dreams.

For more information about the actual rates, visit the support center of victoriahearts. com.

Summary is a typical dating company geared towards those looking primarily for Ukrainian brides. They have all the necessary features needed to be successful in this endeavor, including a unique beauty contest system that allows the most attractive women to rise to the top quickly. However, their model is still pretty limited in some aspects, and unsolicited messages are rampant. If you don’t mind these issues and appreciate the website’s relatively tightknit user base, then you’ll find plenty of value here, not to mention the possibility of lasting love.