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Cute Only is one of the smaller dating sites that many online daters overlook because there are less than fifty thousand members. However, the benefits of joining this site are many and varied. This is not an ordinary dating site where anyone can join. This is a place where matches are made between western men and beautiful Russian women. In a way, this is similar to a mail order bride website, but the platform used reminds users of ordinary dating sites that abound on the web. Here is our review of Cute Only. First of all, the site promises exclusive membership, which simply means they screen the women that go on the site to sign up. promises what the name of the site means, that they only accept the prettiest Russian ladies. is similar to other dating sites because the basic membership is absolutely free. Use this time to set up your profile, because you’re already live on the site. This means girls can see the photos you upload and read your bio. Like many membership sites, you need to pay a premium rate to unlock the most favorable features like contacting girls and making friends via chat. You can also find out who has been checking you out, which basically tells you who among the women on the site is interested in you. If none of those who checked you out and messaged you interests you in any way, you can always use the advanced search features to find a girl with the specific qualities you want.

You can already send unlimited messages as you want for free once you are a member. While this feature is no different from other dating sites out there, you’ll be surprised to find out that the rules regarding contacting women on the site are not as stringent.

Messaging is where differs from other membership sites. The administrator will not stop you if you want to send contact information like phone numbers and email addresses on other platforms. On other sites, these details will be deleted before your message even reaches the girl you are connecting with. The company knows that you will keep using the site for security, and so they don’t stop those who take the risk and talk to the women outside of the site.

You don’t ever need to send contact information, anyway. The membership fee is the lowest in the industry, so you don’t have to sacrifice much to stay as a premium member. A month costs only $29.99, which is rather similar to what other sites charge. But if you pay for more time, say 3 months, the cost is drastically reduced to $50.97. Paying for more time on-site will cost you even less, as the last package of 6-month membership costs only $77.94!

Before you think that the database is too small for you to consider this as a good option for online dating, think of the benefits of having an exclusive list of beautiful women just waiting for you to mail them. Actually, it’s better if you have to choose from many beautiful women, rather than wade through thousands of unattractive women just to find the few hundreds who look like they could be models.

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