Pretty blonde with alluring stare

Pretty blonde with alluring stare

So, you’re thinking of dating a Russian woman. Maybe you have been
browsing some personals on online dating sites like A Foreign Affair
and found one or more Russian brides you would like to get to know
better. But do you know what to expect? What is the typical Russian
woman like? What does she look for in a man?

We are not trying to create a stereotype of a Russian bride here. Rather we’ll take a look at how typical Russian women compare to the general idea people may have of them.

The first thing to keep in mind is that Russian brides are serious and practical. Contrary to what many people think, they are not ‘just after a visa’, but are looking for someone to love and respect them. They pick and choose their men and are won’t just fall for the first guy to send them flowers or fly over to meet them. Yes, they are looking to improve their lives, but do you think they would leave family and friends behind just for a better standard of living? Russian women want and expect much more than that!

Russian women are very hard workers and are very devoted to their husbands and children. Some Russian brides are happy to take on the role of housewife, while many others aspire to a career and a satisfying professional life as well. Your Russian girlfriend will likely come from a traditional family where the mother spent all her time looking after the house. This means that she may not understand how to balance home and work life is she is working full time.

Another misconception of Russian women is that they will be content to be your trophy wife. Nothing could be further from the truth! Russian women are independent and have a strong character. Treat your Russian bride with respect. Don’t expect to be able to control her, but establish a relationship where you are both on equal ground.

Be prepared to take the time to help your Russian bride adjust to her new life. At the same time, make sure to be a loving, caring and devoted husband. Be proud of your Russian wife, pay her lots of compliments, and make her proud of you too. That is the secret to a lasting relationship and happy life together.