There is a lot you can learn about women on online dating sites simply by studying their profile photos. As Natalia explains in the article below, everything about that picture, from the way a woman dresses, to her pose and expression, can offer you extra insight into the mind and personality of the lady behind the profile.

Many foreign men dream of sexy Russian women or Latin beauties, and this is what drives many of the girls to make themselves look as attractive as possible. However, as Natalia explains, you should be on the lookout for those girls who go to extremes to be sexy, sometimes bordering on the vulgar. What are their real motives? Why are they so desperate to attract attention? Are they just a product of the modern permissive culture and fashion where anything goes, or are these women trying to snare and possibly scam as many unsuspecting gentlemen as possible?

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Remember that in the long run, looks are only skin deep if you are looking to build a strong and lasting relationship with one of the ladies. A woman’s pride, dignity, and self respect also count for very much, and the way she portrays herself on an online dating site will often speak volumes about the kind of man she is hoping to attract.

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December 28, 2006 — wonderlander

The West has had its sexual revolution fever; in the Former Soviet Union, it’s in the phase of Revolutionary Government established. Both Vanguard and Reaction can be found among young Russian women seeking a relationship, whom you can meet in the living streets and online.

Commercial advertisements, the society’s magnifying mirror, exploit sexuality shamelessly, as if a communication standard (like, girl sees boy, and they rush at each other). This evokes following reactions:

Older people. – How silly / disgraceful!

Boys of all ages. – Yeah! Party time! C’mon, baby! Go where? Bye, baby. C’mon, sweetie! Wooow!

Girls. – We have a big choice of behavior patterns, and a little choice of worthy males. What shall we do?

Before I quote the options, I should make an observation that the charms arms race is self-inflating to no good.

1. Men are growing thicker skins to save themselves from violent arousal; women go into still sharper thrills to get through the resistance; the guys have to choose between impotence and assault. A couple of centuries ago, one could get hard when shown an ankle; today’s men yawn in strip bars.

2. Whereas lower-life Russian men are simply worthless, lower-life women strive like hex to hunt up, and go dumping with all the indecency of under-culture, despair and cynical gold-digging. This moulds a clownish image of womenhood in men’s perception, and spoils initially deserving men to the bone.

Now the main Russian women’s attitudes, often combined.


Dress Code & Image

– I agree that body is my main [and only] asset, and / or men’s prime [and only] interest. I must promote it fervently to win the competition.

– No one notices a nuclear scientist unless she’s blonde 90-60-90. I am kind, honest, spirited, interesting, etc., AND hot as well!

– I am a proud lady waiting for my gentleman. Relaxed elegance, sporty, businesslike or innocent look are sexiest.

– I should look one, to get the cream of the cream.

– I just like to be admired. Nothing personal…

– I stick to Fashion (whatever). Women dress for the eyes of other women. And suppose Men should appreciate it, too.

– Playing with my looks is an essential way of being a woman. I highlight and edit what I like to see in the mirror. I celebrate the daily creativity of expressing myself.

– Relax, guys! Beauty is art for the art’s sake!

– Looking dull is an offense against my own dignity or detriment to the world.

More about Beauty = Sexiness standard: “Reason” (I), “Value” (II)



– I must be easy so that to hold him.

– I must be hard to gain so that to hold him.

– My body is my own thing, my inner comfort is my measure. If I feel instant chemistry, well hex why not? If I linger, slow down, dear.

– You should gain my love to get the body.

– You were admitted to my body – so what? Try to gain my love, THIS is the challenge!

– Sexual experience makes a good lover.

– Why peddle with another man unless he Could Likely Be a Future?

– I pin my hopes on every [optional qualification] man.

– I’m VERY choiceful.

– I just have normal speed of getting close with people, where are you all rushing and pushing?

– Sex is [my self-assertion] / [loss of man’s respect] / [device] / [for married people] / …

– Getting married without chemistry and sexual compatibility is lunacy. And it takes more than one test drive!

– Getting married only on chemistry and sexual compatibility is lunacy. And it takes quite a warranty period of mutual driving and maintenance in all conditions!

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But before you have the chance to find this out with a real lady, you probably pass the photo “level”. At this stage, many temptations occur, terrific and even terrifying to an unpampered eye.

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There’s much difference in the degrees and styles of exposure in Eastern online dating women’s photos, and in the intent behind it. Speaking abstractly, the whole class of “provocative showcase” girls may be divided into the following groups:

* The unaware. Just taking the pervading fashion for an imperative, to the sheer leer of “woodwork pervs”. Silly babes with backwood ways. May be good and kind, but need a true Professor Higgins to become “fair ladies”. Instead, often contribute to the slave trafficking and the horror stats of “he kept her in the barn…”

Frequent attributes: flowers; teddybears; assumed “fatality” and “sophistication”.

* The manipulative. Selling out of their skins to get abroad, and / or just to skim their wooers.

Frequent features: naughty, evil or arrogant expression, domination / submission allusions. Flowers and artifacts are also often used demonstratively.

* The unthinking.

* The declarative. Intending to establish mutual awareness of each other’s physiques in good faith and fair dealing.

Styles: swimsuit (bikini), open tops, fitness wear. Counting on your [decent!] beach / sport photos in exchange.

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Natalia’s Advice:

Normal: Tight-fitting clothes, low necklines, cleavage shirts, slit skirts; transparent sleeves if festive; in summer, or at refined events – bare backs and shoulders, spaghetti tops. Minis: in photos; in real life – when in fashion, and not too undressed along the total girl’s height (otherwise, vulgar). Shorts, beach wear: in photos; in real life – at resorts (same). Bootcut pants – still overworn – when there’s no cold hazard (and if no lingerie stands out).

* Dance clubs admit verry brave outfits (still, a more casual look is a safer-bet pick.)

Tolerable (with your ears cocked): Transparent clothes (on condition that nipples and bottoms don’t shine through). Swimsuit shot indoors (bad manner). Draperies in photos (usually artsy tissues).

* LOL, I also saw some beach towels – ONE even looked accurate and braved with good humor. But why the hex show your laundry to the world?

Think-twice alerts: Photos in lingerie uncovered, or with elements of nudity, received in the course of long correspondence.

* If you see such kind of pics in a profile, rule it out at once.

Some of your worst expectations: Inconsistency – boots with hot weather wear and gowns, bare skin in the cold. Artifice -rhinestones, long nails, pumped lips, tropical skin, bleached hair (variants: scorching red or blacker-than-black). Much pink.

“Conservative” can cost you more money and/or stretching… with more satisfaction guaranteed worth experiencing. Be that a “poor but honest girl” or an exclusive courtesan.

Enjoy yourselves!


© Comrade Natalia

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