We had such a great response to the last post by guest blogger Krystyna Trushyna that we asked her to do an interview with us. Happily she accepted. For those of you that want to know more about Ukrainian and eastern European women this is your opportunity to hear it straight from a beautiful and sweet Ukranian woman’s keyboard.  This is Part 1 of our interview and we encourage asking questions.  We will try ro get Krystyna to answer them.

Garrett: Hi, Krystyna. I was looking at your profile on Ukraine Dating Online dating blogand saw that you moved to Germany ten years ago to attend the university. Tell us how you ended up working for an internet marketing company and what prompted you to start a blog about Ukrainian online dating?.Krystyna Trushyna, Ukrainian Online Dating Blog creator
: Hi Garrett. Thank you very much for showing interest in my blog and also giving me the opportunity to introduce the Ukrainian Dating blog to your readers/audience! My first thought on reading your request to do the interview was “Oh my Gosh! There’s someone who wants to learn more about my blog!” ? This interview means a lot to me, really, because it proves that I managed to create a blog that is interesting for people to read.

Well, everything began about two years ago when I started my career in the online marketing industry. Through my job at an online marketing company, I gained great experience in search engine optimization, namely: in link building. But blogging made me really curious and being a creative person who loves writing, I decided to start my own blog
During my life in Germany, I have noticed that many Western men dream to meet nice Ukrainian or Russian women for marriage, but unfortunately, most foreign gentlemen do not know much about Ukrainian ladies and their culture. What I mean is that they do not know what Ukrainian women really want, how important family, marriage, love and devotion for them are. As an expert in cultural studies, I know that these culture differences play a very important role in a relationship. Any relationship can be affected easily by a lack of understanding each other’s culture and mentality.
That being said, love is not enough to keep someone by your side forever. There’s a lot of work behind a successful relationship. You have to get to know each other really well to be able to stay together forever. So that’s why I decided to set up a blog about Ukrainian women and give tips about our women’s culture, problems, dreams and hopes. Thus, Western men can understand how Ukrainian ladies think, what they feel and want in a relationship.

Garrett: Have you been home to the Ukraine since you came to Germany and can you tell if conditions have changed over that time for Ukrainian women? Are these women still seeking partners in foreign countries?

Krystyna: Yes, I visit my sister and friends in Ukraine pretty often. And it’s obvious that Ukrainian women have somewhat changed. Of course, they are still looking for partners in foreign countries to marry and start a family. However, compared to what impression Ukrainian women left on me a couple of years ago, modern Ukrainian ladies have become stronger, more confident and ambitious. They are not as most Western European women – obsessively career-oriented, Ukrainian women ARE ambitious YET very feminine, sensual, tender, beautiful and family-oriented. Unfortunately, Ukrainian and Russian men do not appreciate their women; therefore, women hope to find their true love abroad.

Garrett: Many of the web sites that offer men the opportunity to meet foreign women for marriage use the terms “mail order bride” “Russian brides” “Asian brides” and to market their services. I have read that the Eastern European women do not like these terms as it gives the impression that they are for sale. Nevertheless, these are terms that men use to search the type of sites that offer contact with these women. Could you comment on that and tell us how you feel about these terms? I’ve noticed that you use this term sparingly on your site.

Krystyna: Honestly speaking, I do not like these terms either, especially the “mail order bride” term. It sounds too commercial to me. The purpose of the Ukrainian Dating blog is to share some useful information about Ukrainian women. Women, not as commercial products, but human beings, with their unique character and personality. I think, many American men have a wrong picture about foreign women and think they all are pretty but cheap. Online dating is a perfect opportunity to meet us, the Ukrainian women, but you know, we can not be “ordered by mail”. Ukrainian women can give you a clear “NO”, if they do not like you. So, as I mentioned above, you will need to get to know each other really well before getting married.

I, personally, use the term “Ukrainian mail order brides” only when I write about certain topics in a funny way as for example, in my article „5 Incredible Myths About Ukraine Mail Order Brides“ ?

Thank you very much Krystyna and we look forward to Part 2 of this very intriging interview with a real Ukrainian woman. We appreciate your time.

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