Ukrainian women at a tour social.

Ukrainian women at a tour social.

I am sure you know this: you got a message from a famous online dating site. The email promises hot Eastern European women are eager to date you. The email shows a lovely Ukrainian/Russian lady with sexy sounding name. She could be, based strictly on her picture, a professional model. But, are ladies these for real or is this just a slightly different version of a Nigerian scammer email?

Frankly, it depends on the website to which the email is linked. Some websites are legitimate, states the Private Investigator Ukraine website. Some are just online dating scams. If you find a good Russian or Ukrainian dating service, then you should still set your expectations to realistic. The same rules for avoiding scammers apply to the real sites.

In my today’s post, I offer a few tips for sorting out the scams from the real thing.

Don’t send money. Any time the woman starts giving you a line about problems in her life and how she needs money, that’s a pretty big clue that she is fake. The “she” could be a married woman or even a man.

Remember the picture is showing the lady at her best. Think about it, guys. If you were going to post a picture of yourself online to look for a lady, would it be you in boxer shorts and no shirt on “the morning after?” Of course you would not. These ladies are also going to put on their best face. Ask for some non-staged pictures. Ask to see her pictured with some friends, especially in public places. That will give you a much better idea of what she really looks like.

• Don’t be in a hurry. Remember, the internet is a great way to hide things. But, with enough time and correspondence back and forth, you’ll be able to see if what she tells you stays consistent. Inconsistency is a big red flag.

Plan to meet her. If she is coming to you, ask to see passport. Take steps to make sure the airline ticket can’t be cashed in. Better yet, you go to meet her. Also, romance tours are a great way to meet lots of pretty women. You can arrange yo have the girl you are talking with to attend.

There are some legitimate Ukraine and Russian dating websites out there (s. dating sites’s reviews here: l). A quick way to find out if one is legitimate is to run a Google search on the website with “customer reviews” included in the search string.



Ukrainian dating advice blogger Krystyna Trushyna

Ukrainian blogger Krystyna Trushyna

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