1. We’ve all heard the story before – “it’s too good to be true.” Oftentimes, getting involved with a Russian or Ukrainian woman may appear to be this good after you start looking at all of the details. After all, you’ve found this beautiful, unattached, brilliant woman who is, for some reason, willing to leave her family, friends, and homeland behind to go to an unknown place to start a life with you.
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Or maybe your friends and family are starting to throw little warnings at you, telling you that she’s only in it for the money or the passport. The only people who say such things are those who are uninitiated to Russian culture – they don’t understand how important a husband and a family are to Russian women!

Russian women are raised to believe that her success is defined through her ability to meet a good husband, create a home, and raise children. The best way to understand this is to compare it to the Western idea of “success” – namely, to hold a lucrative job of high importance. Imagine how you would feel if you had no job while all of your classmates and friends were doing well in their careers. You’d feel unsuccessful and unhappy. This is how a Russian woman feels if she is unmarried! Even worse, the statistics are against her: there are roughly 88 men for every 100 Russian women.

With numbers like these, many Russian women feel that they are doomed to be “unsuccessful” women. They will either be unable to marry a man or will have to settle for somebody who may not be a good match for her. This is why so many Russian woman start to look for love through dating services! It is not because they are lusting after your passport – it is because they want a husband and a family so much that they are willing to move out of the country to get it.

So don’t question your Russian woman’s intentions – chances are, she really likes you and would be excited to start a family with you even if you didn’t have the Western passport!

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Just like you may have some reservations about dating over the Internet with somebody so far away, your Russian woman likely has some fears about you, as well!

The stereotypes about “mail-order brides” run rampant in Western society – many people assume that any woman who is looking abroad for love is a gold-digger who is only interested in your passport and your money. You might be surprised to learn that there are similar rumors circling about men who are looking to Russia, the Ukraine, and Eastern Europe to find brides: that they’re sexually unfit, unemployed, or downright disturbed. Just as in Western countries you always hear about “mail-order bride scams,” in Russia and Eastern Europe you hear about women marrying men and going abroad to face abuse and mistreatment. Bad news sells everywhere!

Make sure you’re aware of the potential fears your Russian woman may have. Don’t just tell her you have a “sense of humor” – use it! Make her laugh! Remember a popular Russian proverb – he who speaks the most, does the least. Show her that you are honest and interested in marriage. Russian women are not on these sites to have a casual fling – they’re looking for marriage and starting a stable life together!

If you’re interested in keeping your Ukrainian or Russian woman and looking forward to having her as your bride, show her so. Don’t just tell her. She won’t leave her family and friends to go to a strange country if she isn’t sure about you – so prove to her that you are her Dream Man, and she will be yours!