Conquering the heart of a beautiful young woman is just about every single older man’s dream, and many of the Russian girls you will meet on online dating sites are indeed looking for just the stability such a relationship promises.

But how much is too much when it comes to the age gap between you and your Russian bride?

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Natalia from the Ukraine

The article below from explains that it is all about finding the right balance. Many Russian girls tend to mature much faster than western women because they face different situations and much more responsibilities early on in life. This means that most Russian and Eastern European ladies will be perfectly fine dating men up to 10 or 15 years older; in fact, dating a western man their age could feel like dating a teen!

However, you do have to beware of pushing the age gap too far, because it is bound to work against you in the end. You will indeed find many fairytale romances between young women and men 20 years older and over being touted by online dating sites, but most times they are just that: fairytales! You might get lucky with a very much younger Russian woman if you are handsome, rich, or very clever, but you’d just be the exception that confirms the rule.

So if you are looking to build a strong relationship, and maybe even a family, you need to be realistic about your age expectations. Think of 10 to 15 years age maximum difference as your rule of thumb and go and find your soul mate from one of the many beautiful Russian ladies out there. Good luck!

What disparity between years is reasonable for Russian brides?

You  have decided to find a Russian lady but uncertain about age difference? 5-15 years disproportion is just normal. You sure can meet a woman who would be 8, 9, 12, 13 and even 18 years younger than you. A lot of western men are surprised at receiving letters from interesting well educated ladies (physicians, analysts, accountants) 10-15 years younger than themselves. In the US this disparity of years is unreal. In your look for a Russian wife, it is not. One of the causes is that girls in Eastern Europe grow smart early, and having a relation with a foreigner of their age is the same as having affair with a teen. Complications in life make people serious, the way that age does. The disparity between years also adds them feeling of security.

On the other hand, you must not have too high expectations. If you are in your late 50’s or 60’s, you must not hope to get a 20-year old single girl. Many beautiful, attractive in their late 30s or 40s would be eager to make your acquaintance; half of dating agencies’ women clients are 30-40 years old, and you won’t have problems with getting their kindness. This is realistic. In some cases if you are really good looking, or very clever/wealthy/well-known, you have a chance with an disparity of years of 20 years or more. But it would be an exclusion, not the rule.

In case if your goal is a strong family, don’t forget to take age difference into account. Dating services love to tell stories about Russian women preferring much older men, and that it won’t influence your future marriage; but that’s exactly what these fables are – stories. You have to be big enough to face reality and resist the enticement to pursue tales. Be ruled by powers of reason, and don’t let yourself be fooled by unfair employees from the matrimonial agency. Virtually all girls will not have troubles with age difference up to 10 years, and many find reasonable age issues up to 15 years, a few will be OK with disparity of years up to 20 years. But anything beyond this will be quite dangerous, and you surely will meet troubles in your search.

One more thing is that reasonable age gap for Russian ladies is plummeting with every year. The more foreign guys look for brides in Eastern Europe, the better choice women have, the higher their requests get. Young girls are less worried about difference in age than older ones: a lady of 20 years old is normally interested in men up to 45, whilst a woman of 40 years old can limit her searching to men under 55. Thus, if you are 48, a girl of 28 years old may consider you a suitable candidate and a girl of 35 may decide you are too old.

It’s really important for Russian girl to find a husband and have children. Girls are reared with the idea of a lifetime commitment, their goal is to get a family. Eastern European lady is self-fulfilled only if she has a husband and children. This is the central reason why a lot of beautiful women are looking for a life-partner abroad. The truth is that the number of females in Russia is higher than the quantity of males by 12%, so ladies have no other choice but to search for husbands abroad.

According to Eastern Europe traditions, a woman have to have family with children; being lonely is a shame. A lady who is single by 23 is called “old maid”. Girls 22-28 wish to start family-life really soon. The peak of the society’s pressure on the woman to get married is at the age of 27; after that her parents and acquaintances begin considering she will never get married and give up on her; she herself also starts getting accustomed to the idea she will not have a husband. Once women are used to with the thought of never getting married, their demands to a prospective husband lower. Just getting a husband to avoid the disgrace of being single is not ample for them any more.

So there are some probable motives why it looks like Russian women dream about much older guys: • The dating service told her that it will be much simpler for her to find an older guy, and that she would be able to make up her mind afterwards if she wants to date him (agencies need clients!!!). • She did not put down age of her prospective partner in the application cause she did not think that it’s important, or just left it behind. • The advertisement? are written by girls looking for “rich” men and directed to the most efficient clients. Actually you should remember that there are VERY FEW ladies who probably DO prefer a MUCH older man. But still have an opportunity meet a younger lady, and even MUCH younger. Just be a realist and do not forget that 10-15 years disproportion is the limit, otherwise you will face troubles at a later stage.