AS we promised in her last post, here is part two of the interview with the lovely Ukrainian dating advice blogger, Krystyna Trushyna. We welcome any comments and if you have any questions to ask Krystyna, we will try to have her reply.

Gary: You see a multitude of articles and posts talking about the age difference of men looking for younger brides on the internet and rightly so since this is a very important topic. I know that there are plenty of guys in their mid 40’s and older that are communicating with much younger women but how much of an age difference would you consider when starting a relationship with a foreign man? What would be acceptable?

Take for instance a 50 year old guy who is writing to a 25 – 30 year old woman. A man in his 50’s may be happy having intimate relations with a woman once or twice a week whereas a 30 year old woman who is in her prime years may require sexual intimacy on a more regular basis. It’s a fact of life that men slow down in their later years.

This can be a huge problem in a marriage, probably second only to finances.

I guess my advice to men is don’t put to many years between you and your potential bride and be sure you are physically fit and active. You need to be sure you can keep up with the woman you have chosen for a wife or chances are she may find another man that can make her happy. It’s as simple as that.

Ukrainian dating advice blogger Krystyna Trushyna

Ukrainian blogger Krystyna Trushyna

Krystyna, I would like to hear what the women really think about the age difference and what they feel is acceptable. Can you talk about this from a woman’s perspective?

Krystyna: Well, the age difference between Western men and Ukrainian women is a very interesting thing. I can understand very well why American and European men want to date and get to marry a much younger Ukrainian or Russian woman. Who does not want to have a beautiful, young and fresh woman in his life?! ?

I think that the age difference is an individual thing. Some Russian and Ukrainian women like older men and feel very secure in the relationship. Others dislike the fact that the partner is much older, and the age differences of the 3-5 years are sufficient for such women.

There are a lot of nice examples showing that persons in the relationship with the large age difference can be happy, too. The best example for me is the relationship between Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas. However, Western men need to understand that they have to deal with the energy and sexuality of Ukrainian women. 50 year old guys and 25-30 year old women are people of different generations, and it means there can be a lot of understanding problems.

Guys, you have to consider whether you are ready for a relationship with a large age difference. You have to think about how long you will be able to be active and keep up with your younger woman. For example, I’m a very active young woman, love dancing, enjoying life, going on holiday and meeting my young friends. Would you join all these things with me? If you would, you can date a younger Ukrainian and Russian woman.

Believe me! Even a forty-year-old woman from Ukraine or Russia can be beautiful, tender and sensual and can make you happy forever ?.

Gary: And lastly,

Krystyna, you told me that you were a photo model at one time and we certainly appreciate the beautiful photos you have provided. I guess I would like to know if you have received any marriage proposals through your Ukrainian online dating blog? I guess I should have first asked, are you even interested in finding a partner through your web blog?

Krystyna: I was a student and had to earn some money for my life in Germany. I worked as a photo model for one year five years ago. It was a nice time ? Western men write me to ask for tips and advice in dating Ukrainian women. I see that many men do now know how to deal and impress beautiful East European women. And I try to help them. But nobody has made me any marriage proposals through my dating. I think it could be very funny and… modern!



No, I am not interested in finding a partner through my blog because I have a partner already and I am happy in this relationship ? My aim is writing about Ukrainian women and helping Western men to start to understand us, strange and beautiful Ukrainian and Russian women.

Gary: Thank you for taking the time to share a woman’s insight into online dating and romance with us.

Krystyna: Thank you very much for your interest and giving me an opportunity to discuss Ukrainian dating from a Ukrainian woman’s point of view ?