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Singapore is a city-state. It is the 2nd smallest country in Asia. And also 2nd richest in Asia.

5.612 Million

Official Languages
English, Malay, Chinese, Tamil

Safety Score
90% – One of the safest city in the world

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Introduction to Singapore

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History of Singapore

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Weather & Best Time to Visit

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Weather Forecast Every Month

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Top 6 Attractions of Singapore

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Marina Bay Sands

Singapore’s most iconic hotel with the world’s largest rooftop Infinity Pool


Gardens By The Day

A colorful and futuristic nature park spanning 101 hectares of land



Narrow roads including food streets with restaurants serving traditional foods


Haji Lane

Colorful street popular with backpackers for it’s amazing vibe


Little India

Known for Temples, Traditional Indian resturants and shopping


Orchard Road

Best are for shopping. Surrounded by local and international brand shops

#1 Marina Bay Sands

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#2 Gardens by the Bay

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Here are some of the things we like about this site.

The website is easy to use, which means you can get to where you want to go quickly with no fussy ads to divert your attention. The images on the site are also of high quality. Overall, the platform that Anastasia uses on all the sites under its umbrella is probably the cleanest and most user-friendly of all the mail order bride sites.

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You can take your time finding girls to connect with and make your choice before making a financial commitment. By financial commitment, we mean purchasing credits to perform several functions on the site such as sending letters, viewing videos and receiving emails from women. On the whole, the credits don’t cost much if you correspond and connect only with one woman. But in reality, you’re bound to communicate with three or five ladies initially.

Make your choice quickly so that you can maximize your credit use by communicating only with the woman you’re seriously trying to woo. The rate for credits is 1000 credits for $399.00. This amounts to approximately 40 cents for each credit. Lower credit purchases would rake up more expenses in the long run. Therefore, if you’re using this site exclusively to find your beautiful Asian bride, you should consider your overall expenses. It takes approximately 10 credits each to perform the functions, especially the video viewing. So you need to budget well if you don’t want to waste your time (and money).

The Anastasia group of websites allows only communication through their interface. This means whatever email you send will be purged of personal information like yahoo mail addresses or skype-able phone numbers. The same thing applies to the women who send you emails. Why is this a good thing? It’s also to help you avoid scams. If a girl tries to fleece you of your hard-earned cash or tries to get you to send cash to her outside of the required amount of money needed for her to process the fiancée visa in her country, you can report the incriminating letter to the system and the issue will be investigated by the administrators. In short, this is for your protection.

Here are the things that need improvement on

The system is intelligent enough to guess the exact time when you might want to send a bouquet of flowers or two to the girl you’ve been corresponding with for weeks. Expect offers that will try to get you spending more than what you already have spent on credits.

One example of this is the way the system comes up with a welcome party for new members. This is perhaps the basis of every ‘Asian Bride is a scam’ call-out out there. We are referring to the famed letters from women themselves, which you will receive when you sign up.

Because you need to pay ten credits to read each letter, you might be spending your whole budget by reading the introduction letters alone. The letters are real and written by the women themselves, but the thing is that they stay in the system until a guy that the girl has listed as ‘her type’ comes along. If for instance, the woman is looking for a 45-60 years old American man who does not smoke and is a vegetarian, and you happen to fit that description, you will get a letter from that woman.

All in all Asian Beauties is a good site filled with beautiful girls. As long as you keep alert of money sinks that are on the sites, you can safely click your way into finding the Asian woman of your dreams.