Amor. com Review – A Latin American Singles Site

In October of 2016, the dating service Amor closed Please try some of the other dating site reviews in the Latin American Review category.

If you are looking for a dating site that caters exclusively for latinas and latinos seeking romance over the internet, then is the dating site to join. There are other Latin America-centered dating sites, but none with the calibre of Amor. There are many advanced features on Amor that make it almost effortless to find a latin partner. The dating site can be browsed in English or Spanish, whichever language the user is more keen on using. The service is open to people from Europe, USA and Latin America.

Amor can become the only dating site for you because they have applications that let you go to the site and interact with potential lovers no matter which website you are browsing online. You can simply install the plug-in for Amor dating and your browser can add the icon in your browser addresses. This way, you don’t have to open the site to stay online and receive messages from other singles via the messaging system of Amor. com. You will get alerts (often with sounds) when someone sends you an instant message on the site. is for bilinguals and those that can speak only English or Spanish. It’s like having a private translator because you can switch to and from these two languages at will. The alerts and the statistics reports are not just for new messages. Through these features, you will also know when Latin men or women near your location have signed up for the site.

What people like most about is that there are no on-site ads to distract you from what you really want to do, which is to interact with others. Some dating sites do that, so they can earn from these ads on top of the fees they are earning off you already.

There are some bad points when it comes to customer support. There is no chat option when you want to air a grievance to an available representative. You need to submit your query via the contact page and wait for an answer. This is very inconvenient when you’re in a rush or it’s an emergency.

There are over 2 million members so far, so you will never run out of people to connect with. The membership is among the cheapest in the industry, with less than twenty dollars a month. You can keep enjoying your free membership or get the paid membership option to enjoy more features, especially those related with messaging.

Basic membership benefits include expressing interest, or the equivalent of sending a wink. You can edit your profile and use the search function. You may also upload some photos. To be able to use the audio and video message service, as well as instant messages and emails, you need to be a paid user.