How to Find a Sincere Foreign Bride Who Will Love You Forever (and not take everything you have)

We advertise out site as an honest resource for men that are searching for foreign brides. We are going to talk today about something you will not read on any other site. Many men make big mistakes when meeting and eventually marrying a foreign woman. You need to know the downside risk to this type of relationship. Your losses could be substantial!

We start by asking this question: why do some men end up miserable after meeting and marrying a woman from a foreign country? You’ll be surprised to know that many guys who have tried dating a foreign girl don’t recommend the same experience to other guys. These men were probably burned by the experience, and it has become more difficult to get them to believe that there are actually thousands of men who have successfully brought home beautiful and faithful foreign women to spend forever with. Women from the former Soviet block countries like Russian and the Ukraine, from South American countries like Colombia, Peru and Costa Rica, and from Asian countries such as the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and China.

But the concerns that these disillusioned guys raise are valid. There are some ghastly experiences that you hope will never happen to you or any guy you know. Let me give you an example.

A man’s foreign bride starts talking about divorce a few days after she gets her US citizenship. Everything went downhill from that point onward. After the divorce papers were signed, the man lost half of his properties, including his retirement money (that is, everything they acquired while married which could be substantial if married for many years). Of course he didn’t make her sign a pre-nuptial; they were in love! But too bad, the law applies to their marriage as it applies to all the married couples in many US states.

Cases like this one are not uncommon. You’ll probably receive a lot of warnings from family and friends when you reveal your intention of meeting someone from overseas.

But if your gut is telling you that the love of your life is waiting for you in an exotic country, and going on a romance tour is probably the only chance for her to meet you, then listen up. There are men that fail in international dating because they made one major mistake.

Major Mistake: Rushing to Get Married

If you didn’t make any effort to get to know your girlfriend well enough before you married her, you’re in for a tough few years ahead. She may want to divorce you as soon as her green card is approved and she’ll probably want first dibs on her half of the retirement money you’ve been saving up since you’ve been married as well as house, cars and other assets. If you have children, things could get more complicated. Child support isn’t cheap, and this will add to your frustrations when you realize that you could have prevented this situation if you got to know her better before you married her.

What You Can Do to Avoid This Mistake

– Give hints that you want a pre-nuptial agreement.

Taking it slow and making sure all the women you meet understand why you want a prenuptial agreement can weed out the worst of the lot.

Saying you want a prenup is a lot like telling the girl directly that you want to know if she’s into you and not just your money. Many women would probably feel odd and act cold after learning this, but this is a good way to find out if the girl you’re thinking of marrying is sincere.

The women who stay in touch regardless of your cautious approach to marriage still need to prove that they’re in it for the long haul. Communicate often and enjoy the getting-to-know phase.

The same goes for any relationship, whether it was a fateful encounter overseas or in your own state. It’s a lot harder to get to know a person when you’re thousands of miles apart, but if you want to make sure she is committed to loving you for the rest of her life, get to know her better.

– Meet more than one woman by joining a romance tour. Don’t make a decision too quickly!

Collect friends and communicate with them often. Let the love blossom naturally between you and these women, and hopefully you can distinguish who the good ones are and which women are obviously not for you.

– Don’t let a woman rush you into making a decision!

If she implies that she would likely dump you and find someone else if you don’t make your decision soon, don’t worry. There are many more women to meet and fall in love with. Besides, the sooner you can get past the bad apples, the sooner you can meet the woman who will turn out to be your true love.

– Spend some quality time with the woman you have chosen as your potential mate!

Rent an apartment for a month if you have the time and get to know the woman. Make multiple trips if you can’t stay for an extended period. In most cases these days, couples enjoy sexual relations before marriage and this is another important aspect where you need to share your expectations. It’s possible the woman you have chosen may expect sex every night when that is not really what you have in mind. You need to talk about these things! Also, the woman may have limited or no experience with sex so you will need to be patient.

– Don’t send money unless you’re completely sure she’s the one.

You have spent a lot of time with her before you can trust her enough to send money. In fact, the first money you wire to her bank should be for the fiancée visa process. She may need money to process her papers, make the trip to the US Embassy for the interview and pay for the necessary documents (birth certificate, notarized documents, etc.). If you want to send gifts, make sure they’re items and not cash.

– Tell her your expectations.

If you expect the woman to get a job and help pay bills, tell her very early. Be very clear about this so that you won’t fight about this issue when she’s finally with you as your wife. Many women who marry into another culture are under the impression that the man is supposed to provide and they can simply stay at home. Needless to say, you know this isn’t always the case.

Be very honest about your financial capacity and what it means in terms of monthly bills and living arrangements. Many women want a better life for themselves, but you and your girl should be on the same page when it comes to what you expect of each other after the wedding.

Pretty Latin Lady

Pretty Latin Lady

As a final word of advice, you want to show your true self when you’re with her. This way, she will like you, and learn to love you, for who you really are. Never brag about your wealth. Always be realistic about what your life will be in the future as husband and wife.

Look for our next article in this series for foreign women and how they need to be careful when choosing a western man. The risks are equal to or even greater for these women if they don’t follow the advice we will provide. Check back soon for this provocative update! Until then, read our article on IMBRA, a US law designed to give foreign women some protection.