Here is a positive article on Internet dating and meeting a man or a women in another country from another culture for dating and possibly marriage. I can tell you from experience it is exciting to travel to a foreign country and meet a woman or women and get to know them while enjoying a nice vacation and seeing the world. For this same reason romance tours to Russia, Asia and Latin America are very popular.

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The internet has made it easy to meet other people worldwide and to communicate with them. This article talks some about the social media’s role in promoting this international dating phenomenon and they mention Facebook and some of the others which we have written about here. We don’t feel that the social media sites are the safest and best options for meeting a marriage partner but they are an option to expand your horizons in dating if you are careful. They also mention below that the pay online dating sites are more reliable because the people that join and pay a fee are serious about finding a mate.

They also talk about the fact that it’s not only men that are looking for foreign women but that women are also active trying to find a potential husband because there may be a lack of quality men in the area they live for whatever reason. For instance, many Russian women are looking for men that do not drink alcohol in excess. This kind of man may be hard to find in the areas they live.

An interesting fact mentioned below is that intercultural marriages had a success rate of over eighty percent. I would not have thought it would be that high. I’m not sure what the success rate is for domestic couple but maybe not as good.

Read the article to pick up some good points on international dating and how it can be fun and exciting.

International Internet Dating Mail Order Brides and Husbands

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Some find people from other races or cultures more attractive and interesting than the home-grown variety. They’re curious about people from different cultures with their own unique customs, languages and religions. Others are looking for the excitement and adventure of having intimate liaisons with an attractive, exotic person from a distant land. Still others look overseas for love when they haven’t found the right person in their own country.

While some think it’s usually men who seek love overseas, there is no reason a woman can’t enjoy the same adventure. Maybe she’s frustrated or wants to try something different. If you’ve ever been curious about meeting a person from another culture, the Internet makes it easy. There are millions of singles on the Internet right now eager to meet people worldwide.

You can have a great time finding a special international date. You’ll make many new friends and acquaintances during your search. Once you decide to look to foreign countries, you’ve got the whole world to choose from. There are as many ways to find them as there are women. Correspondence, introduction services, and travel are just a few. After you arrive in a foreign country there are many places to meet people. You can meet them on the street, in a bar, nightclub, bookstore, church, restaurant, park or thousands of other places. You don’t even need to leave your living room to make contact with hundreds of people, if you’re willing to put in some time and a little money. Reaching out from the confines of your home, you can still find fun and romance. By adding a $10 webcam you can have face to face meetings any time you want with other single people around the world. You can do everything but touch each other.

International introduction services and social networking web sites proliferate. There are millions of personal ads on the Internet. Some dating services specialize in Asian, Hispanic or European matchmaking. Even though many services seem to incline towards men wanting to meet foreign women, there is every reason for a woman to use the same service to find a man.

Some of the most popular web sites are places to meet people worldwide. Social networking sites like and, with millions of people registered, make it free and easy to find like-minded people. Sites like even match your bookmarks to help you find others with similar interests. While some dating sites, like my own, Mail Order Brides and International Dating at, lets you join and browse for free, they require a premium membership to actually contact other members. The advantage of a pay dating site is that members are more likely to be seeking a serious relationship than sites like, which is composed mostly of younger people expanding their network of friends. Research shows you are more likely to be happy with your marriage if your spouse is from another culture. A study by sociologist Davor Jedlicka of the University of Texas at Tyler indicated that intercultural marriages had a success rate of over eighty percent. The success rate in the United States is fifty percent.

The methods for meeting potential mates and their behavior in a relationship are both factors. Most people meet their eventual spouses in singles bars, the work place, school and through friends. The odds of making a compatible match may be hundreds, or even thousands, to one each time you meet a woman. There are other ways to contact prospective life partners. Classified ads, social clubs and dating services are some of the choices.

If you are intrigued by traveling alone overseas, but have certain qualms, having a friend waiting for you in Prague or Singapore can make the decision easier. There’s nothing better than having a local native as your personal tour guide, and maybe even your love interest. Intercultural relationships can be both exciting and challenging because they are an ongoing learning experience. They require patience and understanding. In many of these relationships one of the couple will likely be speaking in a second language, usually English. Even when the non-native English speaker has excellent command of the language, misunderstandings will occur and must be tolerated.

If you begin to get serious with an international partner your friends may make comments that aren’t true. Misinformed people think the main reason a foreigner marries a Westerner is to move to a more prosperous country like America or Australia. Once they get there, they will dump their mate and go wild. These beliefs are based on jealousy or ignorance. Intercultural marriages are more likely to be successful. People from most other cultures are less likely to run out on their spouse after a couple of arguments. They will keep trying to make the marriage work. They tend to be romanticists, and believe in marriage for life. If you are concerned about the sincerity of someone, you can always try a background check. Just search for the keywords “background check” and the name of the country he or she is from. A prenuptial agreement can also help alleviate possible concerns.

If a person is attracted to a man or woman of a certain racial and cultural background, what’s wrong with seeking overseas? International marriages help bring the world community together. A marriage between two individuals of different cultures is an exciting thing. It is an opportunity to learn and experience new ways of life. The world’s getting smaller. In time, more men and women will seek husbands and wives throughout the world. American women will seek European husbands; Latin men will seek African wives and so on. Our races and cultures are more intermixed than ever, to the consternation of some. Ethnic hatred still flares around the world. As more people from different ethnic backgrounds learn to love, respect and appreciate each other we will all live in a safer and better world.