I was never into dating sites, and like many adults I interact with daily, the only site I know on the internet is Facebook. I used to think most dating sites only featured models that aren’t really into dating but are beautiful enough that they can lure desperate males into signing up.

I’m hardly desperate, but I do have a certain dating criterion that isn’t easy to find just anywhere. That’s the main reason why I joined Iranian Personals. I am Persian, and I wanted to date a Persian girl. But not just an Arab girl, I wanted a kind, mature, nurturing, and beautiful girl, who hopefully lives near enough to date for real. Actually, I’ve accepted that most women in the states aren’t as welcoming to my culture as the locals, but I also didn’t want to travel far to meet my special woman in person. So I took my chances on Iranian Personals, and I struck gold.

I met my current girlfriend on the site a few months after I signed up for membership, and just by chance. I was idly browsing profiles when I received a message from a girl I sent a message to a few weeks back. It turns out she only opened her email recently and has sorted through all the junk mail she received until she got to my message. One thing led to another and now, we’re together.

IranianPersonals review


But wait, you may be wondering how much it costs to stay on the site. IranianPersonals.com charges around $40 per month. Is it worth the membership fee? Here’s what I think. Joining the site is free, but you only get to change your profile. You cannot receive or send email messages on Iranianpersonals.com if you didn’t sign up as a paid member. When you do this, you can send mail to even free members. Of course, only paying members will be able to answer your emails. I was lucky enough to meet a Persian woman through this site, so I stopped my subscription. Other guys can try their luck on this site. The price was worth it for me.

Reviewed by Fahid