Afro introductions is a website dedicated to
African dating including African American and
singles of African descent in many other countries
around the world.

You can search through thousands of personals, and find someone that interests you. The problem with general dating websites is that it can be difficult to target a specific demographic; however with you know exactly what you are looking for, and can find the exact kind of woman to satisfy your needs and wants.

The best part about this ethnic dating website is that you can join for free. While there are different levels of membership, you can get a lot of great information, as well as meet others for free. Here is what you can expect with a free membership at
Afro Introductions:

You can create your own profile that outlines your willingness to relocate, as well as your general appearance and location. The more details you can provide in your profile, the better chance you have of finding the exact woman that you are looking for.

With a free membership you also have the ability to send an interest request, contact paying members, and read messages for paying members. Afro
Introductions offers you a great start with a free membership, but you can get the full African
singles dating experience by enrolling in the golf or platinum level memberships.

With a gold membership you have all of the advantages of a free standard membership, but you are now able to send and receive messages from members with a free membership. In addition to this you can create a personality profile so that women who are interested can learn more about you! Also, you will get instant access to instant messaging, where you will be able to chat in real time with other paying members. A gold membership is also very affordable, so as soon as you want to upgrade from your free membership, you should do so.

A Platinum membership is also another great option, and gives you more benefits than a free membership or a gold level membership. The platinum membership has all of the benefits of a Gold membership, but in addition you can view video messages. You can send and receive video messages, and this will allow you to get “real” interaction with women you are interested in. Chances are you will not have to use the other feature, which is the language transition tool. However, I should inform you that this is the weak link of the website, because the translation services are spotty.

The only drawback of the website is that you only have the choice of African women
although the reason you landed here is probably because you are looking for
African women or men. If you are looking for other kinds of women, this may not be the website for you. However, if you know that you want a beautiful African  woman to date and possibly make your bride, then you have come to the only dating website you will ever need,!


Frequently Asked Questions about Afrointroductions


Is Afrointroductions only for Africa and Black People?

No, Afrointroductions is proud to be an international application – its main purpose was to introduce black and African people to the wider international community. It is a celebration of African identity and culture. As someone from Europe or Asia, you’ll find a lot of African girls who will be interested in you and would love to chat with you.

Does It Work on my Computer Only?

No, Afrointroduction was created with accessibility and ease of use in mind. You can install their official Google Play application that is similar to Tinder. It allows you to easily message the girls you’re interested in and keep in constant contact with them through your phone.

Is It Legit and Trustworthy?

Afrointroductions is run by the international Niche Dating Company, which also runs popular applications like FilipinoCupid, ChristianCupid, and ChinaLoveCupid. They have years of experience across multiple niches and countries helping people who are attracted to each other match and find love.

What Countries are the Girls From?

The girls aren’t just from a single country – when you sign up, you’ll meet people from far-flung nations like South Africa, who look exotic and have a very unique charm, to girls from Morocco and Algeria who speak French and have a traditional Arabic look. The diversity means you’ll be able to find girls of a wide variety of skin-tones and unique personalities, and you can chat with those you’re most attracted to.

Easy to Sign up and Use

Afrointroductions is one of the easiest services to sign up for and doesn’t require your credit card or any of your personal info:

  • You just need to go to Afrointroductions website and fill out the simple form on their main page, which asks for your first name, age, email address, and a password.
  • After filling out the form, you’ll proceed to the next screen where you can upload an attractive and unique picture of yourself.
  • That’s it – the next screen is a list of all the attractive girls that are online right now. You’ll be pleased to find a huge range of locations, ages, and looks.
  • You can browse the list and select the girl you find attractive – just clicking on her profile picture opens up her profile, and you can message her directly.

You’ll be surprised by the number of replies and messages you’ll get – African girls are well-known for being warm, easy-going, and really open to romantic approaches. You’ll have no problem finding romance there.


Tips on Dating an African Girl

As we said, African girls are easy going, and it is much easier to approach them and get with them than many other nationalities. That being said, it doesn’t hurt to have some tips on how to best use Afrointroductions:

  • Present your best self: make sure your photo and bio reflect who you are in a good light and makes you attractive to the girls.
  • Be direct: African girls love direct and honest guys, so you should be direct about what you want and how you feel.
  • Learn their culture: Africa contains many unique cultures and ethnicities – a person from Morocco would have more in common with a French person than a South African. That’s why learning about the unique culture and history of the girl you’re dating will help you along the way.