So you’ve got a girl’s number and you’re planning for your first date. Then, a thought hits you. Is it possible to get her to go home with you on the first date? It is! Here are some tips.

Prep WorkThe foreplay

Some people think the first date is the first time you meet the girl. It doesn’t always turn out that way. Some guys get lucky on the first meeting and they manage to go from handshake to a lip lock in just a few hours. If all you did was get her number, don’t worry. It’s probably better for you because you have enough time to plan ahead, exchange messages with her and let the attraction between you steep for a while. Letting her think of you in a romantic way for a while will also help your case if you’re looking for a long term relationship rather than a one night stand.

Getting intimate on the first date takes a bit of preparation. First, you have to increase the sexual tension. This doesn’t mean you have to talk sexy to her on the phone all the time. On the contrary, being too open about your physical desire for her could turn her off. Increase the mystery by being cordial but flirtatious. Flirting by phone or messaging can help increase sexual tension because she will always be wondering why you’re not making overt moves when you’re obviously into her.

Plan the Date

You have several hundred choices as far as first dates go, so don’t settle for the obvious movie date. A movie date can get you in a dark theater with her, sure, but there are fifty other people around and you can’t really talk while the movie is being played. Worse, if you’ve exchanged a few kisses inside the movie house, which you can’t follow up with more intimate actions, things could get awkward when you’re back outside. A movie date is best reserved for when you’re officially seeing each other and there’s no guesswork involved when it comes to where you should go after you watch a movie.

For the first date, plan to go dancing if there’s a good place to dance around your area. If there’s none, go to a dance studio and learn some of the more daring salsa moves. Latin American dances are always great because they involve close contact. Singing in a cramped videoke box after dinner also works if you’re into singing. Being comfortable with the date activity is key to making your next move.

Tell her your plan and ask her to suggest some other activity she’s into. Chances are, she will go along with your plans if they’re concrete enough. Don’t ask her to come up with the whole thing herself.

Always make sure you have a place to crash after your date. If you’re both turned on after an hour of dancing or singing, the next step is finding a good place to take things farther. You need to keep your apartment date-ready just in case every room is booked in a nearby hotel.

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