Talk is cheap, as they say. Actions speak louder than words. All the cliché phrases that refer to a person’s ability to touch others emotionally tell you one thing non-verbal signals can make people respond more to you than any phrase or sentence. If you’re keen on seducing your next date, here are some tips on how to convey your attraction in a non-verbal manner.
sexy blonde with an inviting eye contact

Eye Contact

All the well-practiced pick up lines in the world wouldn’t mean a thing if you aren’t looking directly at the other person while you’re saying them. Focus on the other person is important when showing attraction because seduction entails an emotional connection. This is what separates the confident people from the shy ones. The ability to look a person in the eye and say any banal phrase or pick up line can spell the difference between going home alone and going home with a date.

Eye contact is especially significant when meeting someone you’re physically attracted to for the first time. You can say anything you want, even a simple hello will do. As long as you’re looking at a person’s eyes and not the top of his or her brows while you’re uttering your greeting, you’ll get a better response.

Wink and Smile

If you’re close enough to a person to exchange a few greetings, great! But if the person is across the room and you’re nowhere near him or her, a slight wink and a smile will get you the attention you want and will convey your desire to speak with that person.

There are several barriers you can topple down by using this simple trick to seduce a person from afar. First, you effectively get that person to focus on you. Second, you’re expressing your intention to flirt and you’re putting the ball is in that person’s court. Now, it’s up to him or her to respond by walking towards you or ignoring you. Either way, you’ve played it smart by catching that person’s attention without actually saying anything.


If you’re seducing someone, you want them to notice you looking and smiling at them. Sometimes, this is difficult to do because you’re in a group or there are other distractions around to divert the other person’s attention. What you can do is to lean towards that person when you’re saying something, even when it’s just to ask the person to pass the ice bucket. Eye contact in this instance should still be present, even longer than normal. Leaning could seem really awkward if it’s not done naturally so pace yourself and don’t lean too long. You don’t want to make the other person feel confined or threatened.

Touching During Banter

There are so many ways to touch a person you want to go out with without being too obvious about your intentions. While you’re talking, pat the other person’s hand to make a point. A high five when you tell a joke also works. The important thing is that you have skin-to-skin contact with the other person, which will do wonders when you’re in a position to make a more aggressive move. Having the other person touch you via a handshake will acclimate him or her to your temperature. Also, many people feel an emotional connection easily just by touching.