Indicate That You’re Taken

If you met your special someone in a dating site, you’re allowed to keep your account there, especially if you’ve consumed only a few month’s worth of membership when you’ve paid a year’s worth. You can take advantage of the features, including video calls with your date. But, make sure you indicate that you’re taken so that other people will not mail you through the site again. It can be a subtle announcement on your profile. It can add stress to a long distance relationship if either you or your date thinks the relationship is not based on faithfulness.

Video Calls

Chatting or emailing can be fun but not talking to each other face to face for an extended period of time can get old quick. One reason for insisting on video calls is for you to find out what kind of humor your partner has. Some jokes could work, while others could fall flat. There is no emoticon around that can replace genuine giggling or an amused smile. You’ll know more about each other and make each other laugh if you do your calls online with video.

Don’t Be Paranoid

Paranoia in a long distance relationship can be the poison that kills the love you have for each other. This is especially true if you know that your date is hot or easily provoked sexually. Sending sexy chats and doing hot phone calls can be great, but not if you’re prone to thinking your partner is doing the same thing with others.

Stress in a long distance relationship can be difficult to deal with. Those that succumb to it let go of a rare kind of love that has the potential to become stronger with time.