Finding out if your date is in the mood can take some guessing. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are signals of sexual attraction that crop up when your current environment is conducive to romance. You just have to be keen enough to recognize these signals.
Sexy couple

Laughter and Banter

Dating involves making each other feel at ease, and if your date smiles or laughs whenever you crack a joke, then you’re on the right track. It doesn’t have to be the joke that’s funny, and any cliché one will do, as long as your date is digging the way you tell it or appreciates that you’re trying to be funny. A person reacts in a positive manner when the person he or she is with makes gestures of affection, and joking around is one of these. Openly laughing when you tell a joke can be a sign that you’re on the same wavelength, which means you can proceed with much more flirtatious moves.

Laughter in a conversation means the person is digging your personality more. Initial attraction may involve physical attraction, but this amounts to nothing when you don’t let your personality shine. There are some people who will like you immediately after a short conversation with you, but there are others that take a while before they warm up to you completely.

Where the Eyes Stray

At one point in the conversation, lower your voice so that your date will have to lean closer to hear what you’re saying. You can be talking about something you did in the past, or the weather, but keep your voice smooth like you’re reciting poetry. While your date is watching you, look at where he or she is looking. Your date could be thinking of other things, like how soft your lips look, because the conversation, and the tone of your voice, is relaxing.

Liking Physical Contact

When someone says he or she has an electric connection with another person, this usually means what little physical contact they’ve shared has left a lasting impression. Sitting together, with your bodies touching in a non-sexual way can be electrically charged. The air is rife with sexual tension, even if you’re not saying or doing anything. Sidle closer and watch how your date reacts.


Observing each other during times when there’s a lull in the conversation can be a great way to show how attracted you are, and it’s also a chance for you to observe the usual signs of attraction. When one person wants to preen for the other, he or she sits up straighter and fixes his clothing every once in a while. Unconsciously, your date is emphasizing the parts of his or her body that you should notice.

Test the Attraction

When you’re fairly sure that sexual attraction is there, it’s time to put it to the test. Doing this may or may not lead to sex, but it will tell you what to expect the next time you go out should you choose not to pursue intimacy at this time.

Here’s how to do it: offer to end the date right when you notice that he or she is enjoying your company. Some people would grasp at any excuse to prolong the date when they’re having too much fun. If he or she shows any sign of disappointment or hesitation, good. It just means that your date is enjoying your company and would gladly go out with you again.

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