Sex doesn’t happen accidentally during a date, no matter how many guys say they didn’t see it coming and the girl was just too hot, etcetera, etcetera. A series of events might have happened from the beginning of the date up to the point of sex. Sometimes, careful planning and proper logistics can improve your chances of going home with your date.

Plan the Date

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You don’t want to go out during weekdays when both of you would be worrying about work and waking up early the next day. So, plan ahead and make sure you keep the weekend free for your date. Send a text message to tell her the time and place. You may be thinking, why a text message? Why not call her instead? With a text message, she can think about her plans for the weekend before she sends her reply.

If she already has a date or has to do something over the weekend, she may want to break those plans first before she gives you an answer. You’re basically putting her on the spot if you spring the date invitation at her via a phone call. Worse, she might give you a maybe and you’ll end up calling again to check if she has made her decision.

Choose a place where you can park your car comfortably for several hours. If you don’t feel like driving, or if you and your date will be drinking, take a cab to the location. Think of the proximity of your date venue and your home. If things get hot, you won’t have time to decide whether it’s easier to get to your place or to rent a room in a nearby hotel instead.

Over Dinner

Dinnertime dates are great because you get to share one basic human need, and set the stage for another. First things first, never sit across your date if there is a vacant chair beside her. Sitting across her like you would if you were with a sister or a friend can put a damper on the romance. Plan ahead and choose a restaurant with wide seats that can accommodate both of you.

Because of the elbowroom you have to maintain to eat properly, there’s not much you can do except to sit close and exchange sidelong glances, but these gestures tell of your awareness for each other. The more aware she is, the better your chances of taking things farther later on.

Nightcap Invitation

Inviting your date to your place or hers for a nightcap may be interpreted in various ways. If your date was going well before you decided to leave the restaurant or the cafe for a more private place, your date will know that you’re asking her to make out at your place. If the date was lukewarm at best, your date might assume that the nightcap is what it is, alcohol in a more private location so that you can end the date well. If the chemistry is working, you both are ready to take it to the next level of passion. Enjoy!