Think back to the moments when you’ve felt un-sexy and even ugly. Those are the times when you wished you were someone else. You’ve seen other people flirt and make out with total strangers at the drop of a hat and wondered how they could do it so easily.

Those times of extreme insecurity are bound to crop up again in the future if you don’t start discovering, or re-discovering, your sexual personality.

Three Steps to a Better Sexual Personality

What is your sexual personality?

Step One Know Your Preferences

When someone who could potentially be your next date asks you to “tell something about yourself” you don’t have to make up stories or pause for a very long time because you don’t know how to answer. Learning about what turns you on, what you like to do in the sack, and what kind of person you want to do it with can help you become better at channeling your desires.

Some people that are desperate to get laid are not too picky, as in “anyone will do”, which isn’t a good thing. If you don’t have any idea how to screen out the people you can see yourself being with and those that you’d rather keep at arm’s length, you’ll end up confusing yourself even more. You’ll end up feeling desperate, which will inevitably show in the way you relate with others in a social gathering.

Be in control by knowing exactly what you’re into, what you’re not into, and what you’ll try once. If you haven’t tried something but you’re willing to experiment, be clear about it. You’ll discover more about your sexual side if you understand what your limits are.

Step Two Look and Feel Good

Sexy people have one thing in common they feel great about themselves and they are able to flaunt their best sides at a moment’s notice. This confidence stems from the knowledge that they look great. If a prospective date comes sauntering by, sexy people can confidently intercept the person with a smile or a wink.

The basics of looking good have a lot to do with feeling great about yourself. Every single thing that makes you feel self-conscious should go. If you’re not comfortable with your facial hair, your flaky skin, the dark spots on your knee area, or the way you smell, do something about it. Sometimes, maintaining proper hygiene and using professional services to take care of the stuff you can’t deal with yourself can go a long way when it comes to making you feel more confident about your looks.

Also, wear only clothes that you’ll feel great taking off in front of another person. It doesn’t matter if you’re just going out to buy a few things from a convenience store, be at your best. Choose presentable clothes, right down to your underwear. Even if no one knows you’re wearing your best clothes, you’ll feel more confident because you know.

Step Three Be Comfortable Touching Others

Unless you’re in an Asian country where people don’t normally exchange pecks to say hello and goodbye, you need to practice making these gestures of amicable affection when you’re around people. In a party, particularly, you kiss friends belonging to the opposite sex by way of greeting rather than shaking their hands. Sometimes, you exchange hugs, high fives, or other physical action. Let these gestures come naturally so that the recipient doesn’t feel awkward.

Getting used to touching others can help you desensitize yourself when exchanging friendly kisses or hugs with girls. Being affected whenever someone pinches you playfully can make interactions seem awkward. People who are comfortable with their sexual personality are more aware of the differences between flirtation and platonic banter.


For those that may be interested we found this free Sexual Personality Test that you can take. Give it a try, it’s fun and you may learn something about your sexual personality.