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Statistics On Mail Order Bride Marriages May Be Good

This is a post with some interesting statistics regarding mail order brides or as they word it, email brides. However, we cannot vouch for the accurateness of the statistics. We will try to verify in a later post. Nevertheless, we do know that thousands of couples from around the world are meeting online and forming happy marriages. No, not [...]

Interested in Meeting Foreign women online? Creating a great profile is vital!

Make yours stand out! Think about how important a girl’s profile is with regards to whether or not you will be interested in her. A profile that does not stand out does not catch your attention, and thus you just throw it to the bottom of the pile, so to speak. Well has it ever [...]

Find Out What Russian & Eastern European Women Want In A Man

What does a Russian girl really expect in a relationship with a man from the United States? Guys, if you are from the U.S. and you think that you can just treat a beautiful Eastern European woman like a typical girl from the West, then think again. One of the first things that you need [...]

About Ukrainian Women From A Woman’s Point Of View | Sexuality & Age

AS we promised in her last post, here is part two of the interview with the lovely Ukrainian dating advice blogger, Krystyna Trushyna. We welcome any comments and if you have any questions to ask Krystyna, we will try to have her reply. Gary: You see a multitude of articles and posts talking about the [...]

The Most Important Facts About International Dating Scams

Ukrainian women at a tour social.

I am sure you know this: you got a message from a famous online dating site. The email promises hot Eastern European women are eager to date you. The email shows a lovely Ukrainian/Russian lady with sexy sounding name. She could be, based strictly on her picture, a professional model. But, are ladies these for [...]

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