I personally know many white males that are either married to or are dating an Asian woman. What is the reason for this? There are in fact many reasons for this, and in this article I am going to discuss a few distinct reasons as to why White men are interested in Asian women, whether it be Filipina women, Chinese ladies, Thai or Japanese girls.cute Asia girl

First and foremost, you have to look at how global demographics have changed drastically in the past 50 years. Millions of Asian people are moving to the United States on a yearly basis for work or school, and this fact alone makes encounters with Asian women much more likely. With each individual culture dying by the day, and one unilateral culture being created slowly but surely, it stands to perfect reason that white men are enthralled by Asian women.

While Asian immigration is one probable cause, what are some other reasons that white men are attracted to Asian women? Well, I think for starters you have to acknowledge the fact that Asian women are extremely exotic to American men, and many men may have never had the opportunity to date an Asian woman. So, when the opportunity presents itself, it stands to reason that a white male looking for something new and exotic would court an Asian female.

To stay with the exotic line of thinking, men tend to be attracted to anything that is a positive deviation from the norm. As the barriers of social norms are being beaten down day by day, men are having a greater opportunity to date Asian women without being chastised by family members. This is important, because a man who is likely to date an Asian woman typically is going to have higher family values. This is because the reputation of the young American white girl has been tarnished to a lifestyle of partying, promiscuity, and self destruction.

Men who are interested in dating an Asian woman are looking to get away from these things, and are finding a safe haven in young, motivated Asian women. These women are typically college educated, and have career goals that can better the lifestyle of the white male. I am not trying to say that it is purely a transactional relationship, because love certainly does play a part.

So, why are white men falling in love with Asian women? Typically, it is because they are beautiful, smart, and have great core values. Asian culture is rich with tradition, and most of the time the white males that are seeking Asian women are aware of this, and want to actively participate. A diverse cultural background is a turn on for many men, which is one reason why so many white men are attracted to Asian women.

At the end of the day it still boils down to the exotic beauty and core values that Asian women possess. These two main qualities are what attract American men to Asian women. White men are always looking for something different and better, and often times they find true love while dating a lovely Asian woman.