Beautiful Brunette Asian Lady Posing in a Purple Dress
First dates always come with that element of not knowing what to expect. And if you’re dating an Asian woman, this feeling can be even greater because you are dealing with a very different culture. So here are some tips to put you at ease and increase your chances of success.

  • When planning your date, decide on something specific to do. Don’t take the easy way out and tell your Asian date to choose herself. She is expecting you to take the lead, especially early in the relationship.
  • Be on your best behavior. This always goes when you’re dating, of course, but especially so in the case of Asian ladies. Silly antics that might be amusing to a western girl will turn off your Asian beauty in a heartbeat.
  • Don’t try to be the center of your conversation. Talk about your Asian date. Ask questions and show a genuine interest in who she is and what she likes and does. Also, avoid controversial subjects like sex, and never discuss your past girlfriends.
  • Show an interest in Asian culture and be eager to learn more about local traditions in your Asian date’s country. Never joke about or belittle her culture – even if it sounds funny to you, she won’t be amused!
  • Keep in mind that cultural differences also extend to intimacy. For example, an Asian lady might want to kiss you, but could be holding back because her culture views kissing in public as taboo. Read her body language and go with what she’s telling you.
  • Above all, be a gentleman at all times. Pay sincere compliments and your Asian lady know if you have enjoyed the date and want to see her again. Hopefully she will feel the same way too!