You don’t find many articles on dating tips for meeting Japanese women but we did come up with this one. His main suggestion is to find ways to make yourself stand out from all the other guys. Don’t have what some call the Asian fetish where you pretend to love everything Japanese including Sushi and all of Japanese culture. This does not work. Just act naturally and don’t try to impress with your knowledge of all facts Japanese. Don’t try to speak Japanese unless you really know how to speak the language.
Japanese woman
Japanese women certainly are among the cutest Asian women and Japanese society is close to our American way of life. After all Japan does have the worlds #2 or 3 economy last time I checked. Theses hot Japanese girls like to dress in trendy fashion and have all the latest in electronic gadgets, many of which are made in Japan or other countries in Asia. There are a couple of dating sites where you can meet these Japanese girls and we have reviewed them on our main site. Please take the time to check them out.

How to Attract Japanese Women

What makes these women so popular in the eastern part of the world especially in America? Japanese women have made a huge name for themselves and countless men are fighting to get her attention and get them to their bedroom. You are competing with these men so how can you make your self standout from the competition of all these desperate guys trying to get that lovely Japanese girl?

Easy, don’t be desperate and don’t have what the experts call an Asian fetish. Stop showing her how much you are into Japanese culture- it does not work. In fact I once was ignore by a Japanese girl because I was talking too much about her culture how much I liked it and all that.

If you ask them many of them will tell you that they do not like all the guys who talk too much about them. They do not like all these guys that are obsess with their culture.

What you need to do is find a way to stand out from all the other guys, do something different. Don’t try to talk to her in Japanese – it’s annoying. You should be able to talk with her without showing your obsessing. Save your obsession for yourself.

She would like to have a fun conversation with you and also learn about your background as well. While you both are talking you can ask her how to say something in her language. Stop trying to hard to impress her and get her approval and just have fun. Japanese women want to date eastern men but not if you are going to have an Asian fetish. You have a great advantage over these women that Japanese men don’t have.

Find out more about the advantages that YOU have over Japanese men that will get you that hot Japanese girl.

Forget about what everyone told of what you have to do to get a hot Japanese girl in fact you don’t even need to know their language find out now.