Dating an Asian Girl Online – The Basics

One of the most important things to remember when chasing after that Asian woman of your dreams is to remember to forget the common stereotypes regarding “mail order brides.”  This is not like shopping in a catalog – you can’t simply browse the pages, pick one, and expect to have your “new wife” shipped to within a week.  These are people, not eBay collectables!

Pretty Asian girl

Pretty Asian girl

Most Asian women who feature on these sites are well educated and generally established in their home countries.  In addition, most of them likely speak English better than you speak their native language – which means that she’s spent most of her life studying and is likely not a slouch.  Why are these  Asian women searching for men online, then?

The answer depends on each different woman, of course – some may be less than impressed with the stock of local men around and have decided to cast their lines abroad, others simply prefer foreign men, and yet others live in countries of gender imbalance and are forced to look elsewhere should they want husbands.

But if you’re the pick-the-woman-and-ship-her-to-me sort, you should turn away right now and check out one of the many local meat markets you’ve got to pick from.  These women don’t want casual sex on the whole – some might, but if she does it’ll be marked clearly on her profile – this is a real woman looking to get into a real relationship.  If you’re looking for marriage and you’re looking to enter it with a caring, intelligent woman who will likely love you until your last breath, you’re ready to date and marry an Asian woman.  If you’re looking for play, you might want to put off the Asian dating sites for a few years.

Manage your expectations, lest they end up managing you!


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  • Asain March 29, 2012, 8:34 am

    I completely agree with you.
    Among other things, I think many Asian women, especially those aged 25 and older, are seeking foreign men because they had a disappointing experience with local men.
    The dating sites are not a catalog, but also a means to learn to play and enjoy the world of women … Then if they are roses will bloom.