First Look: describes itself as a leading Chinese dating and marriage website and I can really see why. Based in Hong Kong, is associated with many marriage and dating services across the length and breadth of China. If you’re looking for a Chinese wife, this is the site to come to. At first impression, I found the site to be clean, open and honest and very informative. It drew me in, and this is what I found:


  • Established in 1998, this site works with many marriage agencies throughout China.
  • Everyone posted is personally interviewed, selected and verified.
  • There are over thousands of active profiles on record.
  • Registration is free
  • The site has a good forum to ask like minded people questions.


  • The more I looked through this site the more I liked it. I couldn’t find fault anywhere.

How it Works

There are many sites that offer marriage to Chinese brides, is no exception. They offer a service to men and women from all over the world wanting to fulfill their marital dreams. Western men and eastern women wanting the unique combination of traditional cultures and modern open-mindedness.

All of the women who have profiles posted on this site are personally interviewed by the agencies and must produce all of their documentation for verification and also have to provide a recent photo. All of the profiles are genuine which I found that to be very encouraging.

Once you have found your possible love match and want to start communicating with her, you have to buy CL Credits. CL Credits are tokens that you spend whenever you want to send an email to your new friend through the Express Messaging service. CL Credits can be bought online at 4 credits for $25 but if you buy in batches of 50 credits, you get a 40% saving. That’s a bargain because you will be doing a lot of messaging back and forth.

When you have established a relationship and want to meet, a trip is organized, passports and visas are issued and its “China, here I come”. If the meeting is successful, the next step will be marriage. The weddings are conducted in China and are usually traditional. The Chinese brides are already registered with marriage agencies. Passports, visas and marriage licenses will be arranged prior to bringing your new bride home.

Throughout the web site, is very helpful by providing lots of useful information. Whether you need help obtaining a visa or want to learn more about Chinese women and the culture in general, you will get help here.

Chinese women, have different attitudes to western women in how one meets and communicates especially in matters of the heart. The tips and hints that are provided throughout the site will help you to understand a centuries old culture that has intrigued the world for hundreds of years.

Final Thoughts

Time should be taken to learn and understand Chinese women before embarking on what will be the adventure of your lifetime. The more you read through, the more you will become entranced by the women in the profiles. The staff is very helpful in answering questions but it’s the forums that provide the real insight from those who are already going through what you will hopefully be going through soon.