A Foreign Affair Review

When it comes to finding love internationally, few websites are as dedicated as A Foreign Affair (www.loveme.com). Loveme.com is one of the web’s most prominent online dating and mail order bride sites with a membership comprising thousands of Asian beauties waiting to meet you. A Foreign Affair is the perfect way to meet women from the Philippines, Thailand, China, and more – both online and in person through their exclusive romance tours.

Since 1995, guys have been being successfully introduced to beautiful women from all over the globe looking for fun, love and marriage. In fact, A Foreign Affair is a website that specializes in what some people may call ‘mail order brides.’So if the idea of marrying a gorgeous Latino lovely, sexy Eastern Bloc lady or cute Asian woman appeals to you, A Foreign Affair could be the perfect website for you.

However, with such a huge range of focus and featuring beautiful women from all over the world, it would be difficult to review A Foreign Affair all at once. Therefore, for this review, we’ve decided to focus on the Asian aspect of their business and the benefits that it brings.

Finding the perfect wife can be a very difficult task, but few people can go far wrong with a gorgeous Asian beauty. After all, their subservient nature, conscientious work ethic and overall loving personalities make them appeal to guys from every corner of the globe.


  • AFA has a good membership plan that doesn’t cost a cent, but for those serious about finding an Asian bride, the  Platinum Membership is the way to go. It only costs $95.00 for the first month and $29.95 for subsequent months. With this plan you get 100 virtual e-mail addresses per month and discounts on other services such as phone translations.
  •  Platinum services.First month: $95.00
  • Additional months: $29.95
  • Asian Romance Tours – $1,995 – $3,095 to China, the Philippines or Thailand

Asian Romance Tours:

One of the biggest things that sets A Foreign Affair apart from the rest of the mail order bride and international love sites on the internet are its romance tours. That’s right! They don’t just provide a platform on which to get yourself acquainted with international lovelies, they actually take you directly to them.

Can you imagine anything better than spending a vacation dedicated to meeting your perfect partner? And with romance tours in China, the Philippines and Thailand, you’re sure to find the absolute perfect lady for you.

Of course, you don’t just need to focus on Asia as they have tours all over the world. Take a look at their latest schedules and itineraries for further information: http://www.loveme.com/tour/

A plethora of stunning Asian women are all ready and waiting to make your acquaintance at A Foreign Affair. The language barrier need not be a problem either as the site offers translation facilities for its express mail and telephone services. In fact, they even guarantee that they will translate directly without any alterations.

Furthermore, you can even speak directly to the women via telephone and they are free to give you any of their direct contact details. Last but certainly not least, A Foreign Affair is IMBR compliant – something that you need before you can bring your prospective Asian wife home.

One thing that A Foreign Affair apparently doesn’t do very well is website organization. Upon accessing the site you may feel as though you can’t see the wood for the trees but you should persevere nonetheless. The seemingly over-cluttered homepage that is covered in links may appear daunting but once you’re a member you’ll know exactly where to go. Spend some time navigating you way around the site and bookmark pages that appeal to you.

When you’re ready to sign-up you should click on the ‘Men’s FREE Registration’ link from the left-hand side of the homepage. There’s also the ‘Match Wizard’ that allows you to enter your dream woman’s qualities and you’ll be emailed similar matches every weekend.

Take your time and narrow down your potential matches to a select few because you have to pay for each and every email address that you receive. Likewise, A Foreign Affair’s telephone translation service costs between $3.99-$5.99 a minute depending on your membership status, so reduce your choices before making contact.

Marriage is a big deal and so you need to be cautious when searching for a future wife online – regardless of the website. Therefore, be discerning and take your time when perusing AFA.

Furthermore, be sure that you understand the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA) as it is absolutely crucial to enabling your future spouse to enter the US. Luckily, AFA is fully IMBRA compliant but you should still understand the rules as they stand.

Despite its messy appearance and sometimes difficult to navigate website, A Foreign Affair does exactly as it promises: it it introduces you to gorgeous foreign women. Add to this the absolutely fantastic romance tours and you have a truly winning combination. Check it out now at www.loveme.com

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