I have a lot of nice stuff to say about Outpersonals, and maybe a sprinkling of negative feedback. The positives outweigh the negatives for me, but hear me out and you be the judge.

As a recently out-of-the-closet gay, I was at a loss on how to approach the dating scene. Some people I know made it seem easy to hook up with other men, but I was not at all like them. Even before I came out to my family and friends, I have always been a loner, and I did not find it easy to strike a conversation with anyone, gay or straight, male or female.

Surprisingly, my introverted nature was never a hindrance at outpersonals.com. It’s the first dating site I ever joined, but it didn’t lack the basics, so I stayed for the duration of my gold membership (around 7 USD/month for the annual plan).

I signed up as a free member. At first, I just sit back and waited for others to approach me. But that was a mistake. It was impossible for me to keep exchanging messages with other members because the messaging feature is limited if you’re a free member. I was able to upload my photos and a video so that paying members can contact me and add me to their list of potentials, but the features were limited so I went for the membership option.

The wink feature is nice enough, and everyone’s using it (even the free members). I winked and winked and got a few responses, but things were getting stagnant so I posted a video.

My favorite feature as a paying member is the view user video feature, which is what got me switching from basic (free) membership to gold. After I’ve revealed to the other member that I viewed his video, starting a conversation became easier. Looking at the “introduction videos” made it easy to figure out who’re into “just sex” and who are looking for lasting relationships.

All in all, I score outpersonals.com 8 out of 10. It would have been a 10 if it weren’t for the clutter on the site. The clutter is less as a premium member, I admit, but there are times when I still mistake “model videos” for “real user videos”. I’m not saying the unattractive members are the ones who aren’t models because there are plenty of good-looking “real” gays and bisexual guys looking for gays on the site, but model videos and photos sometimes confuse me.

Thanks to Rick for this user review of Out Personals.